Poll Out of Ten - 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Phenomenal race and those of you that were poop pooing F1 2014 should run and hide now. 9.5. I'm saving the 10 cos I'm optimistic.
Just brilliant. Hard fighting for the lead and more inter team battles than I think I have ever seen in a race. And Seb was humped by Danny boy fair and square. Force India on the podium. Loved it. What a race.

Bit slow after the interesting start, track has no character at all, but then I started geting immersed in the racing. Would've been a 6 or 7, but after the safety car I give that an 8!
I've rounded up from 9.5 for Mercs dominance but this was the most stunning display of driving from so many for the whole race.

Maldonado <spits> aside of course. Dick.
8. Brilliant race but could't give it a 10 as i doubt we would have had such an exciting end to the race if there had been no safety car.
9 because it wasn't truly stunning, we are only three in and Europe will be a better test!
These centenary Grands Prix are generally good ones, but that answers every question.

Mercedes will provide racing, and so will Red Bull. Tyre strategy is still there to enliven. There's fun, games and gambles almighty and you can be beaten by a variable.

About 10 of them can aspire to the bronze, Sutil and Maldonado are still freaking idiots, and unreliability is just enough to keep everyone guessing.

I'm going there... DIX.
If that isn't a ten, I don't know what is. Brilliant driving throughout the field and a battle for the lead all the way. Hopefully a taste of things to come from Nico/ Lewis - here's hoping they are fighting til Abu Dhabi.

Maldonado should have his superlicense revoked.
A thoroughly entertaining 8 for me- great to see unfettered racing up front, Ricciardo's pass on Winfinger, turn 4 should be renamed "Checo's Surprise"- pity JB had his gearbox issues after the SC though. Otherwise, a jolly good race, and a great poke in the eye for all the naysayers on F1'14!
9.5, but that's not an option so I had to give it a ten. Are you not entertained?!?!?!? Only thing missing was some competition for the Mercedes boys.
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