Grand Prix 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

A bit different now giving the internal war. Horner cant open his mouth about quitting given money from Ford and Oracle and Red Bull Corp will just fire him.

If anything Red Bull would want to sell to Ford then
what could possibly go wrong. but great news for guenther steiner LOL
Full circle.

Can't imagine Ford will want to run an F1 team again. In all honesty, I'm amazed they've come back as an engine supplier. Their last run at it wasn't exactly covered in glory.
Buying the team they sold to Red Bull. Why not given all the infrastructure is in place? Its ironic Porsche wanted Red Bull to do the lions work but nobody expected this that Ford may benefit
No motor company have built engines for their own teams except Renault and Honda, Ford paid mega bucks to Cosworth and Mercedes Illmor,
though in Mercedes case having paid for a race wining engine then built their own factory with some ex Illmor staff. Some may see a common thread of having your own engine in your own car.
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OK for Ferrari sort of, it's hardly a mass producer even when Fiat owned it, it had the loose relationship, you can't really call Fiat the motor company as Fiat didn't design or build the engine and can't remember any BRM road car.
Not really sure about that one, they bought Sauber and did quite well but I think the arrangement was more like Fiat and Ferrari.
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