Grand Prix 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Just got in, looked at the standings, the current 2 time WDC is leading his #2 by 20 seconds and the rest by about 30.....

Yes, this season is going to be so much better. ROFL
the race hasn't been as bad as i thought & i really enjoyed the perez sainz leclerc russell battles. it fizzled out by the time the final stint came. but newey is a genius & verstappen driving well like hamilton in 2017 - 2019 he in such form he would still win in the ferrari

great race by sainz showed that in his hands ferrari are very close to perez. as he was always 2-3 secs off
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Best race of the season. An absolute thrill ride. Loved it.

I haven't seen a race as good as that since last year. The way that the Red Bulls raced and into first and second and then stayed there for the whole race showed how utterly magnificent they are

Really felt sorry for Tsunoda who tried desperately to complain his way passed Danny Ric. I would have thought that using pace and skill would have been a better approach to get the overtake done but these are the best drivers in the world and clearly know better.

Can't wait for next week.
Thought the regulations bought in for the start of 2022 was meant to make things more exciting and make the competition more competitive. We’ll they’ve been an epic failure. If I was a team boss that wasn’t RedBull, I’d just do an epic overspend and take the non existent punishment.
at this rate they might turn a blind eye just to give Verstappen a race

my predictions of most damaging season to F1 reputation since schumacher in 2004. look worryingly correct
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We were warned what would happen.

Not happening. RedBull would threaten to leave, and on top of that the head man of the FIA is a RedBull man aswell.
A bit different now giving the internal war. Horner cant open his mouth about quitting given money from Ford and Oracle and Red Bull Corp will just fire him.

If anything Red Bull would want to sell to Ford then
Full circle.

Can't imagine Ford will want to run an F1 team again. In all honesty, I'm amazed they've come back as an engine supplier. Their last run at it wasn't exactly covered in glory.
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