Grand Prix 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion


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Thought id get this up with 2 days to go in until 1st practise, as the adage goes lets get the bad news out of the way first. I'm strangely still excited for the new season, dont know why because i terrified it will be same πŸ’© different season. so much so when max Verstappen to win all races was 33/1. i had a punt. & this could be most damaging season to F1 since schumacher 2002 or 2004. as in testing after winning 17 of the previous 18 races , he looked like he could set a quick lap at will in testing. setting his quickest time on used set of what will be the softs in this weekend, before we get besieged by angry dutch people who think the world is against them, it goes without saying that we know it we are in a period, like Schumacher era where we are witnessing just a great driver who is driving a car designed by a genius who is in form of his life. sporting domination is only appreciated after its over because nobody is tuning in to watch a forgone conclusion. i can only think of Usain Bolt as the only popular Dominant sportsman

but the good news is that F1 below Red bull is in very good place & arguably the best it has been, the Budget cap has worked better than could've been expected. as last season wouldve be 1 of the greats. people saying its the most open for decades. where we wouldve had a period of having 4 different teams winning in 4 races. 9 different polesitters, 10 different drivers on the podium. so there is reason to be optimistic. as depressing as it could be

Anyone on Bahrain Incredibly it has been 20 years since the inaugural grand prix which on a unrelated note was won with a ferrari 1-2 ahead of the most dominant season in F1 history, im sure Fernando alonso will be hoping to start higher than the 16th he did on that day. but fair play to bernie he saw the middle east boom before most

dont forget that the season starts 24 hours earlier

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yeah i completely get it. its going to be interesting if red bull are as far clear as expected. because its what rules are introduced to handicap red bull. as we got knockout qualifying & tyre gimmicks from schumacher in 2004
yeah it feel too much, the triple headers are draining as a fans. must be horrendous to be a apart of the circus. you can see that in sky F1 that nobody in the team will be doing every race, most are doing either 10-11 like Jenson or Damon or 16-17 Brundle or Ted & Crofty doing 21, missing 3 races his 1st since 2007 Brazilian gp

i dont blame Vettel for it being a reason for his retirement as he wanted to spend time with his kids. because you leave in mid febuary see them for 3 weeks in summer then thats it til christmas
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I just dun a post, very interesting reports, the season starting this early and having so many races is Liberty trying to squeeze as many $$$$ from "The Show" rather than fix the racing until it's whittled down to a husk and they re-brand it as European Nascar.
I have a suggestion for FOM to sort out their scheduling problems, have fewer races and make sure none of them are in the Middle East. Job's a good un.
although i agree with less races, its only natural they will go where there money is & in fairness it is a world championship. is moving a race 24hrs earlier really that much of an irritant
Adrian Newey, for all his brilliance, has out thought himself in the past. Maybe this is another of those occasions, or perhaps they are just sandbagging.
We can but hope it's the former. That doesn't guarantee a competitive season of course because another team could run away with it

Fingers crossed it does lead to a storming season
very true, we could be swapping red bull domination for ferrari domination. but as i saying in the intro, we wouldve had 9 different polesitters in 2023 excluding max. having different team winning every week & sainz going from out in Q2 to 7 days later winning from pole in monza.

if i was being cynical it would be just the the season F1 needed after the horror of 2023. but then red bull are about ruin all our dreams this afternoon πŸ˜„
that has got to be highly painful all that money & renault backing, 2 very good drivers & yet they are in the 2 slowest cars 19th & 20th. i wouldnt want to be in senior positions of that team, as heads could roll
ill take that for the spectacle. as i feared max was alot quicker than that. if you said that top 7 would be separated by 4 tenths last week i wouldve taken that
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