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2014 Bahrain Grand Prix Out of Ten

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There were worrying signs in the first two races that the fuel saving lark was going to play too much of a part in deciding whether or not the guys would be allowed to race. That was partly due to the fuel flow sensor debacle which dominated conversation and the fact that at Oz and Malaysia those two races were dull. This race has rekindled my pre-season expectation that the new reg's hold promise for a decent couple of seasons before normal service resumes.
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I really wanted to give it 10, but you have to leave a bit of room (drivers take note). Brilliant racing throughout the field, and a hell of a lot of skill and trust (except for Maldonado - give him a race ban, NOW)!!!!

Superb from the two Merc drivers, and brilliant effort from Perez. Ricciardo shows again he's the real deal. It's a shame no-one was there to watch it. I couldn't care less about the sound the cars make either, that was just brilliant racing.

Having watched the GP2 races as well, one thing springs to mind though. Drive like that around Monaco, and there'll be a hell of a lot of broken cars. Lucky Bahrain is a pretty wide track.


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Brilliant, yet again Bahrain proved that it had no right to be exciting, but would buck the trend.

I was mostly cooking, so will HAVE to re-watch the action, but the audio said it all. Battles across the field, teammates providing the great leveller for racing.

Hero of the day... Sebastien Vettel, the boy showed he was a man supporting team strategy.

Team of the day... Who else, Mercedes, the genuine excitement of the two meeting after a battle, let's hope that Nico gets one or two soon to keep this feeling.

The season has landed. Oh, and this is my first 10 ever ;)
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Hero of the day... Sebastien Vettel, the boy showed he was a man supporting team strategy.

I'd like to second that - although perhaps calling him a hero is a bit much for the finger :) But he showed a maturity that we probably haven't seen from him over the years when he got the DIFTY message to let a faster Ricciardo through with his DRS unavailable. Top team play there.


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7. Still strictly a two-tier formula. The only difference this year is that it is Merc that is dominant rather than the Bulls. The race was saved by Maldonado's stupidity. He needs a ban, preferably multi-race in length.


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It was a great race for all the reasons already stated but I can't give it a ten because I still don't like the 2014 engine sound. So, only a 9 from me. Maybe I will get over it one day because almost everything else was amazing.

I'm also still grumpy about the safety car delays to the race restart. Maybe I won't get over the sound because I'm still as cross about the SC as I was in 2011!
For example, when they are coming onto a straight either the cars that are a lap down all move to the left while those on the lead lap go past, or the lapped cars go through the pitlane and wait at the exit until the train is past. Would you really rather wait 5 minutes and lose a couple of racing laps while everyone catches back up?

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I only got to see the highlights today, so not sure how I would feel otherwise, however, I enjoyed it. It kept me guessing till the end as to the result. That a safety car was needed to close everyone up was unfortunate.

Good to see the group A cars having a bit of a ding dong.

An 8 for me. I think there is better to come this season.

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I agree with you jez101 about the safety car issue (just send the lapped cars to the back for god's sake!) but not bout the sound, which I'm fine with.

All in all a superb race (Maldonado's lunacy apart), especially for a Hamilton fan like me. I give it a 9, only because I look forward to an even better contest in the races to come.


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Best race I've seen in a while, absolute quality. I don't think there is anything you can complain about. We wanted a race for the lead, we got it. We wanted lots of passing, we got it. We wanted that passing to be of high quality, we got it (some great passes outside of the prescribed passing zones). We (most of us anyway) wanted to not see the "finger", we were spared of it again.

I couldn't pull myself away from the T.V. if I'd wanted to. I'm sure some will be cynical, focusing on the Merc pace or some other factor that they are disappointed in. However, I am taking a stand with Lew_beauty - this race has pretty much everything we wanted from a race last year. It's time to nut up, sit back, and enjoy what is turning out to be a great season.


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This is as good as modern f1 gets. We had drama, battles for the lead, controversial team orders, slower cars doing better than accepted, we also had an engineering master class showing what the cars are actually capable of without the fuel saving bollocks. If this race isn't a 10 I don't know what is.


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Just about as good a dry race as you could possibly hope for - great wheel-to-wheel racing, and the overtakes were not just 'DRS muggings', but hard fought tussles lasting through a whole sequence of corners. Exciting racing isn't about the sheer number of overtakes, it's about the will-they-won't-they of cars alongside each other, not knowing who will come out on top. We had plenty of that yesterday. I listened to in on BBC 5LSX then watched the highlights, which is something I wouldn't have bothered doing for several years!
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