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Wasn't there a particular problem for Heidfeld at the carousel as if he went round the fastest line the car would have got stuck as it was too low. I can imagine the Merc will have the same problem.


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His main problem appears to have been having to slow down for a video truck to get decent footage at least once on every lap. The car's ride height was apparently set at its maximum but I suspect it would probably have grounded not just at the carousel but elsewhere on the track as well. It's not exactly billiard table smooth.


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What's the point in having an F1 car round it if the driver doesn't push? Couldn't even be bothered to watch it all.


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Not a lot. Conditions looked cold and damp though, and the track is way too bumpy tnow for a decent run in a current F1 car. It was just a publicity demo' run anyway. I'll bet that didn't do his neck much good either.:)


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Still think he drove one of his best seasons in his last year of his return. To bad he had so many mechanical and two critical concentration errors Catalunya and Singapore. Otherwise he could have taken a win in his last year.


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Good stat!

What were he 3 he didn't? I'm guessing 2005 might be one and 1996 might be the other due to him driving shopping trolleys that year.

Maybe 93 for the other one?


He was just as successful in Canada. 12 Podiums in 15 GP from 1992-2006.

Missed the podium in 95 (P5), 96 (Ret), and 99 (Ret)
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