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With testing ending tomorrow, i thought it was time to bring this back out of hiding, so welcome to the Annual Clip The Apex betting game 2024. thanks to the original creator Greenlantern101 & shoutout to rufus_mcdufus on going for a 4th consecutive youbet title

for any newcomers, or regulars that need a refresh, Youbet is Gambling with fake money on the F1 races for the 2024 season, If you like a bet with Fake Money or 'Brogans' as they are called around here, you're in the right place. as i always say im keeping things basically the same, as "if it aint broke, dont fix it"

The rules

1. If you want to play? Just post a message with your bet (rule 5) and you are in.

2. In each round you can ‘claim’ an income of £20. You can do this automatically by simply placing a bet or If you wish to claim this income without spending it just post a message saying ‘BANK’. Failure to do this will result in you not receiving the £20. You can ‘bank’ as many £20 incomes as you wish to save for a larger bet at a future race. You can use as much or as little of this claimed £20 income as you see fit, for example if you place a £5 bet the remaining £15 will be banked. (£10 if its £5 each way)

3. You get extra income for the season long competition, that is effectively a 25th round of the championship, where you get £100 to bet on who you think will be champion (or runner up to verstappen LOL ). that must be spent in full before the same deadline for the Bahrain weekend, either 100 on the winner or 50 each way

4. Your bank account balance will include your income (per rule 2) & your winnings/Profit. This bank balance can be used in full or in part to place bets with & will run throughout the game. Even if you spend all your money you can still claim your £20 income in the next race.

5. Maximum 1 bet per round , Multiple bets will be not be counted (expect for the opening round in bahrain as explained in rule 3)

6. To place a bet, post in this thread, stating your driver to win, your money & if you are betting 'each way'. Just remember each way bets cost double the stated amount. Please see the examples below.

7. All bets are on the winner. Each way bets can be placed at 1/5th odds for a place 1st - 4th. All winning bets are calculated by spreadsheet formula based on odds, If you are unsure how each way betting works please see the examples below.

- If you £20 bet on Verstappen to win at 8/11 he wins, you would get £34.55 (including stake). but if you want to go £10 Each way at 8/11 & he wins it would return £28.73 (including stake). but if he finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th. it would return £11.45 (including stake).

- If you £20 bet on Norris to win at 8/1 he wins, you would get get £180 (including stake). but if you want to go £10 Each way at 8/1 & he wins it would return £116 (including stake). but if he finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th. it would return £26 (including stake).

- If you £20 bet on Logan Sargeant to win at 3000/1 he wins, (i want to watch the race, where that happens) you would get £60,020 (including stake). but if you want to go £10 Each way at 3000/1 & he wins it would return £36,020 (including stake). but if he finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th. it would return £6,010 (including stake).

Just to clear up any confusion, you arent limited to £20 per race, your allowed to bet as much or as little as you have in your account after the opening round

8. The odds are taken from a randomly chosen betting shop, (usually Bet 365 for aesthetic purposes) & will be posted when available. In the event of odds not being available by the Monday of the GP weekend I will make something up around the odds similar to the last race.

9. All bets must be in before 1st practice goes Green or they wont be counted (exception see rule 10) & remember the 1st 2 races are on Saturdays. so FP1 rule would be on Thursday morning

10. Everyone has 1 Joker to be used over the season, because we all forget or can be used Tactically, but that would have to be in before qualifying starts

11. I will post everyone's balance only after the official race result is announced hopefully Sunday night but depending on timezones could be Monday morning. (let me know if you think ive messed up as that will happen at some point & i will double check it )

12. If your driver doesn't run in the race for some reason, you choose can to take the replacement, (ie Hamilton > Russell or Perez > Hulkenburg in 2020) or you can choose to have your money banked.

13. In the case of a Belgian GP 2021 type scenario happening again. all money will be refunded

14. The player with the most money at the end of the season is the champion & gets added to the wall of champions. Other 'special' awards will be given out at end of the season for which ever reasons I see fit.

Wall of champions
2014 - Fenderman
2015 - Titch
2016 - Greenlantern101
2017 - rufus_mcdufus
2018 - gethinceri
2019 - Angel
2020 - Greenlantern101
2021 - rufus_mcdufus
2022 - rufus_mcdufus
2023 - rufus_mcdufus
2024 - ?????????

Finally hope you all enjoy the highs & lows of verstappen winning every race over the next 9 months. good luck to everyone
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Bahrain Gp odds
Screenshot_20240222_193854_Samsung Internet.jpg

Championship odds
Screenshot_20240222_194001_Samsung Internet.jpg
When I last played in 2019, I had the ability to cripple a driver's weekend by betting on them. I want to see if it still works.

Everything on Max to win the race and the Championship please.
20 E/W George please for Bahrain, Leclerk 50 E/W championship Please
I'm guessing that the leavers next year won't get full support
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