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Finally, and I should have just made this one big post, he has the exact same Podium strike rate at Imola. 15 GP, 12 Podiums.

He missed only 92 (Ret), 95 (Ret), and 2001 (Ret)

So there are 3 circuits at which Schumey collected 12 Podiums each.

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News is just coming in that Schumacher has suffered head injuries in a skiing accident in Meribel. Apparently, he has suffered a number of fractures to his skull, but was conscious when he arrived at hospital in Grenoble.


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According to the BBC "He may have a head injury,but it isn't serious. He was wearing a helmet and banged his head on a rock". I certainly hope that it isn't serious.

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I found this very confusing, yesterday he was concious on arriving at the hospital, this morning he was unconscious on arrival.

From the latest that I have seen he was conscious, but not completely compos mentis. He is being kept in a coma to assist in his recovery, just how ill he is will not be known until he is brought out of the coma and tests can be carried out.

This is similar to a story which has been running recently on Doctors, if he follows that sequence he will wake up having no memory of the previous twenty five or so years and behaving as a teenager. Heaven forbid.

Hopefully he will recover better than that.


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By all accounts it's normal to get up and walk away only for your brain to then swell causing rapid deterioration. He could be anything from perfectly normal with some big scars through to being impaired physically or mentally. Thinks it's going to be a few days before knowing anything.


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Old friend and multiple X-Games BMX Vert medalist, Simon Tabron is now living in Carlsbad California. He just posted this on Facebook.

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