You Bet 2023

here you go odds for las vegas the penultimate race of the season, will you gamble the farm or play it safe, will you go Red, Black or even green. will you odd or even, maybe just stick it all on number 4

youbet 1.jpg
here are the results of the Vegas Youbet, we said coming in where are you putting your money, 2 of us put it on red 2 on black & 1 stuck it on green. roulette table came up red, as only 2 made a profit both bet on Leclerc & Ferrari. its congratulations to myself. & the championship goes down to the final round in abu dhabi as rufus_mcdufus a 320 lead into the finale

& a honourable mention to Bleu who also made a profit & with such a swing is now in a real battle for that final podium place

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long way to go yet. any number of things could happen to Norris. & ive cant remember who people bet on back in February for world championship

nobodies counting their chickens over here.😃
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