You Bet 2023

here we are the results of the final race of the youbet season & its congratulations to Dartman the only person to leave abu dhabi with a profit.

& now the moment everyone has been waiting for its a huge congratulations to our newly crowned youbet champion for 2023 & for the 3rd year in a row rufus_mcdufus 🏅🏅🏅, its hard fought & very well deserved

temp 7.png

Final Standings are as follows (for ties. i used Round victories as tiebreakers)
rufus_mcdufus - 1852
:2nd: aaron8831 - 614
:3rd: Bleu - 570

4) Dartman - 297
5) F1Brits_90 - 100
6) Il_leone - 0 (5 wins)
7) Greenlantern101 - 0 (1 win)
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now i can talk as a partcipant. i am strangely gutted. as they say its the hope that kills you

i wasnt counting my chickens. he could get taken out, engine blow or safety car ruin a strategy. but i felt quietly confident as i thought 5th on the grid he'll have beating of piastri. assume leclerc will chew through its tyres. & should finish top 4. but thats sport & there is an irony for me with Norris, that the guy who put me in title contention in austria. was ultimately was the 1 to crush my hopes & its very strange to think an entire season comes down to slide at the hotel in Q3 & a slow pit stop. but hey thats the fine margins of competition

at least ive got something in common with the F1 drivers. I'll be back in 2024 to try to stop the 3 years in a row champion from making it 4. ;)LOL

but thanks rufus_mcdufus for nice words. i really enjoy the game. & grateful so many others enjoy as much as me. before you know it mid February 2024 & we will start all over again
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