Grand Prix 2023 Hungary Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

It's time, ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, and those of a non-binary persuasion, for the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix. This means we will be treated to endless replays of Nelson Piquet in the Williams overtaking Ayrton Senna in the Lotus in 1986 as that is the only exciting thing which ever happened at this circuit.

In fairness, there have a couple of other incidents which do come to mind when thinking about Hungary. Jenson Button and Esteban Ocon both won their first GP at the Hungaroring. Jenson went on to win a World Championship, Esteban looks to be disappearing in to obscurity in a less than competitive car. Hmm, Ocon to be Word Champion in 2024 then.

I have a vague recollection of Michael Schumacher attempting to kill Rubens Barrichello one year, and Paul di Resta being allowed to be a mobile chicane another, much to the chagrin of Kimi Raikkonen.

You may wonder why I'm taking this trip down memory. Well, firstly I'm getting older and all I have left to look forward to is the past. Secondly, beyond some sort of divine intervention we will watch Max Verstappen in his Red Bull top the time sheets in every practice session, each qualifying session, and then lead every lap of the race as well as setting fastest lap. That said, the Hungarian race for many years was not blessed with much excitement and, generally, it's only when it rains that we have some sort of contest.

Ho hum. Oh, it's Belgian after this which will be much more pleasant watching than the Communist "installation" but I doubt will be any more competitive.

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In my opinion the custodians of F1 don’t seem to have a handle on the sport.
So far this season we have a new sprint qualifying format.
A qualifying format that’s based on the grounds of sustainability,
A new tyre structure as the sole tyre manufacturer couldn’t see that the cars would be faster, and have more load going through them.
A team more dominant even though they broke the rules, which most teams said last season that the punishment didn’t fit the crime.
And an ever increasing race calendar which is diluting the product.
Agree with every word.
that was utterly crap. a race ruined by verstappen getting a brilliant start from the dirty side of the grid that shouldve been a hindrance. they have managed to be even more dominant than McLaren Honda 1988. it is crap. its very understandable why liberty according to some rumours are heavily pushing for a red bull super team next yr with a leclerc or Norris

if any suggests that "it's up to the others teams to catch up" you're wrong.
but this is the problem. yes some red bulls gains are ill gotten as we all agree that they were dealt with leniency. because they weren't sure with it being unknown terrorirty

but unfortunately it is Mercedes & Ferrari have to take some the fault of this. because Adrian Newey has done an incredible job. the only person to understand how to energise the floor. we cant blame Red Bull. I said in Saudi that Mercedes & Ferrari have gone backwards over the winter, whereas Red bull went forwards

or ferrari strategy cock ups & building a quick car but no idea how to develop it or Mercedes going down the wrong road of development in 2022 & then ignoring their star driver to continue down the road in 2023.
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new tyre structure as the sole tyre manufacturer couldn’t see that the cars would be faster, and have more load going through them
well my historical critical thoughts on pirelli are well known. i would go as far to say its 1 of the worst things to happen to F1 in the last decade. racing has gone downhill since they took over

the new rules are working its just red bull domination is masking this
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F1Brits_90 You misunderstand my point. Well done to Red Bull for building a car so much faster than everyone else. Having seen how dominant one driver in one car is it is for the administrators to change the rules and bring the cars back closer to one another so that the sport can have competition. If there is no competition then it is not a sport.

Every other branch of motor sport adjusts the rules if one team or car is wiping the floor with all the others, except F1. Every other sport set rules to ensure that one person or team, perhaps with the exception of athletics, does not dominate and, therefore, destroy the credibility and reputation of that sport.

It's entertainment, F1 at the moment is not entertaining.
FB as these rules should stop it, because the more successful you are, the less windtunnel time you have, but if this happens in 2024 then we worry. but we are in better position to Stop it than ferrari early 00s red bull early 10s & Mercedes mid 00s

otherwise can we pay adrian newey to retire
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Very much in the begrudging respect but by christ its boring mode unlike Andrew Benson's write up on the Beeb F1 page. The plaudits were so over the top I think he needed some wetwipes for a post read back clean up.
before i start on my main point it was a brilliant weekend for Lewis Hamilton his race pace shows what an incredible pole lap he produced. again outperforming what the car is capable like he has all his career. although i don't know what happened as he got a great start & then the car was terrible halfway down.

it is strange because since baku, which was the last time i felt similar. ive quite enjoyed the races since. British GP was fantastic. for the 1st time in a long while, ive not bothered with any post race punditry. besides ted notebook, i was hoping for end by lap 30. it was just so dull after 1st pitstop. i don't know how skyf1 filled an hour. i deleted the 5 live podcast. had to force myself to watch the podium.

mustve been sleeping with my eyes open as i saw this but have no memory

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Verstappen was going to win but the guy is so f:censored: obsessed with Hamilton not being ahead of him that Piastri almost stole the lead. If I was Norris I'll take note for the next few races because I think someone is going to win because Verstappen is obsessed with denying Hamilton a win

Perez - horrendous start at practice but 3rd place from 9th on the grid looks good on paper but be honest he should be 2nd given the speed of the car

The rest

Russell - good recovery but seems to have lost something since Baku

Ferrari - same old story

Aston Martin - aint it curious they've been off the pace now but no one is talking about them

Alfa Romeo - don;t where the speed came from

Alpine - they fired Rossi and they have got a mountain to climb

Alpha Tauri - should you root for Ricciardo or Tsunoda

Williams and Haas - not their track but should go well at Spa

Depending which bunch of Verstappen/ anti Hamilton a *holes it is on facebook - one is either making excuse he blames everyone and seem to have selective hearing about his radio . The other bunch saying he is past it

I know Spa is Verstappen's home race but I never thought I would wish for someone to have Schumacher 99 leg break and miss a few races because that is what it will take to make it interesting for the fans and Red Bull

Theyve been talking about Eau Rouge and Radillon due to another fatality so more scrutiny if someone crashes
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