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It could happen that Schumi Junior could get to Formula One, then in his debut season get beaten thoroughly by Max Verstappen.

For full irony though, Max would have to be sacked mid-season to be replaced by Kevin Magnussen, and I can't see how that would happen.


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Bill Boddy ..... It may have been a spur of the moment comment Bill, it may have been his way of releasing his own pain which he's probably feeling more than most. I wouldn't judge him too harshly, they were very close and probably still are, as much as circumstances allow.
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Willi Webber, who was Schumacher's manager, has asked that an honest update is given to his fans. He says no news, and false rumours five false hope to many people. Mr. Webber feels 'in a terrible state ' that he is nit allowed to see or hear news if Michael with whom he was very close.
Michael Schumacher’s ex-manager demands: Be 'HONEST' with us over F1 legend’s condition

It's a difficult one. You have to respect the families wishes, but it's been such a long time now.


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It's remarkable they've managed to keep it so secretive up until this point. Looks like the media can behave.

Those close to him deserve to know, I fear Schumacher isn't capable of communicating his wishes.


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Those really close to him do know though, and maybe they don't want to see the headline.. "Michael Schumacher will never walk, talk or communicate in any meaningful way again".. It takes years for all hope to die and the realisation that what remains is all there is. Maybe some years down the line, it will be easier for them to talk about it. In the meantime why do we really need to know?

Or perhaps Schumacher can communicate and has said he doesn't want anyone who knew him before to see him as he is.

Who knows.


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The guy we knew is dead. There is some brain dead zombie that some people hope will recover to the guy we knew, but that's not going to happen. Close the thread.


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Batman ....... I wouldn't even repeat the phrase you used. Grow up and wake up to peoples feelings. Hopefully those who know and love him will have the good sense to stay away from forums and reading unfeeling crap such as your posting. >:(


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It would appear that Brain Dead Zombies are capable of posting on Forums , so don't be so hasty Batman , he may yet give you an answer.


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If you have time you need to listen to the 5 live documentary on iplayer or podcast. 7 days that changed F1 that goes behind the scenes of Jordan the week leading up to beligium gp the gachot arrest & Schumacher appointment. Some great bits on there like.

  • how if Eddie Jordan wasnt so cash strapped at the time Schumacher wouldnt got a shot in f1 Because he contacted keke rosberg, stefan johansson & derek warwick all before Schumacher but every deal stalled as they wanted paying money EJ didnt have
  • He kind of lied when EJ asked have you ever raced around spa. As pretended he had & then cycled around spa to learn the circuit
  • The deal wasnt finished until Tuesday only 3 days before practice & Friday qualifying. Because they were certain Gachot would get bail & be able to race a his home race
7 Days That Changed F1, 2016, 5 live Formula 1 - BBC Radio 5 live

The Artist.....

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F1Brits_90 - it's a great listen, but all that's fairly well known; what I hadn't realised was just how influential Bernie had been in the whole saga of moving him on from Jordan; Bernie had realised how much a German driver was necessary (after the queues outside Spa), and thought that since Jordan was so cash-strapped, they might not see out the season - and thus tried to get him a seat at Benetton...

The rest is history...

Also, Schumacher described the Yamaha engine (in the back of the Brabham) as a bit of an anchor...
He described his brother as "Faster than me"...


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Jordan thought he had a watertight contract with Michael Schumacher when they got round to Monza.....but it was his manager who signed the contract not him so it was like through 3rd party representation.

I heard it was quite ugly behind the scenes swapping Schumacher and Moreno
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