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Season 2016: driver champ bet
I was in 2 minds because I thinking about putting money on vettel but as a big lewis fan I didnt want to have spilt loyalties in abu dhabi

On skybet ive found some specific bets any value in these
  • Haas to Score Any Points in 2016 Season 1/7
  • Manor To Score Any Points In 2016 Season 2/5
  • Pascal Wehrlein to score points in the 2016 Season 4/9
  • Force India to score more Constructors' Points than McLaren, & Renault to score no podiums 4/6
  • McLaren not to get a Podium Finish in 2016 10/11
  • Lewis Hamilton not to win the 2016 F1 Championship 11/8
  • Vettel to win more Races in 2016 than Rosberg 11/8
  • Manor To Score No Points in 2016 7/4
  • McLaren top 5 finish Constructors Championship 2016 7/4
  • Lewis Hamilton to finish 2nd in the 2016 F1 Championship 9/4
  • McLaren top 4 finish Constructors Championship 2016 7/2
  • Raikkonen not to win a Race, Manor not to score Points 5/1
  • Manor to score more Constructors' Pts than McLaren 11/2
  • 2016 Championship Final Standings 1st Vettel, 2nd Hamilton, 3rd Rosberg 8/1
  • Max Verstappen to win a race in 2016 11/1
  • McLaren to finish last in the 2016 constructors 14/1
  • Manor to finish on the Podium in 2016 16/1
  • Mercedes to win every Race 20/1
  • McLaren to win 3+ races in 2016 33/1
  • Hamilton to win the F1 Championship, Mclaren not to get any podium and Sauber to score no season points 33/1Manor to win a Race in 2016 150/1
Some bet is like joke.
And which bet do you want?

im not a betting man usually but probally me wording it wrong, but i thinking any chance in these happening

as vettel winning more races than rosberg at 11/10 or the vettel hamilton rosberg top 3 at 8/1 looked good
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Strangely that bookmakers consider not win Hamilton in the championship more likely than winning Verstappen in the one race
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