1. Il_leone

    Qiddaya City Circuit

    I flicked onto this last night and was blown away by the size of ambition and spectacle of this proposed track for future Saudi Arabian sporting events which will host F1, Formula E and Moto GP especially if it will change how future F1 races will look and feel. It feels like something you...
  2. F1Brits_90

    Grand Prix 2019 Mexico Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

    1st of apologies completely forgot to upload it yesterday. got doing other thing & other concerns it flew out of my head after a last few races recently not classics but decent. & where Mercedes have made a very good case to be considered the most dominant F1 team in series history. no team has...
  3. F1Brits_90

    F1 World Champions Milestone Comparisons

    this thread kind of came from the Chinese GP thread after another error by Verstappen in Bahrain. i was in 2 minds where to rank Verstappen as he is a bit of freak in F1 terms . if we still giving him a abit of leeway & can still use inexperience as a factor because. he's doing all his...
  4. olegg

    F1 2017 races comparison Out Of Ten

    Before 2018 season would be useful compared voting about races 2017
  5. Olivier

    Pre-GP Quiz 2017 United States Grand Prix Quiz

    Sorry for my lateness. I can't catch a break. To honour the latest Star Wars trailer, here you have the USGP/SW quiz ... 1. The First year the USGP took place? 2. Who has won the most USGP? 3. Ferrari has been the most successful team at the USGP, when did they win last 4. After a big...
  6. Rutherford

    Things ... Welcome to the Future (2018 - 2019 Silly Season)

    The 2018 - 2019 silly season has already begun. The contracts of Bottas, Hamilton, Kvyat, Ocon, Perez, Ricciardo, Sainz, Vandoorne and Verstappen are all due to expire at the end of 2018. Additionally, McLaren, Sauber and Williams have yet to sign their second driver for 2018, thus depending on...
  7. olegg

    Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2017?

    Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2017? All cars was presented. And what is your choice?
  8. F1Brits_90

    Poll Who do we think could be 2017 drivers world champion

    With next year possibly another new era in 2017 with cars radically different, wondering who do you think will win 2017 title. Continued dominance of mercedes with either Lewis or Nico With more aero will it be Red bull resurgence, with young pair of Riccardio & Verstappen After underwhelming...
  9. F1Brits_90

    Poll Most Dominant F1 Car

    Considering that today is the 1st time since singapore 2015 13 mths ago (but some could say hungary 2015 15 mths ago considering how that freakishly uncompetitive mercedes were in Singapore weekend) that another team was victorious when a Mercedes finishes the race. Wondering what people thought...
  10. F1Brits_90

    Pre-GP Quiz 2016 Austrian Grand Prix Quiz

    A bit rushed because with the football & working for the 9th consecutive day. it completely slipped my mind, but the quality (I hope) still high hasn't been comprised. & has been good to focus on something else but the crushing disappointment that was England last night After a 10 yr hiatus we...
  11. F1Brits_90

    GPDA open letter

    Just been on twitter on come across this GPDA open letter. thanks to will Buxton bringing my attention to it, GPDA published an open letter making clear that all drivers were unhappy. Addressing it to F1's stakeholders, followers and fans, the GPDA chief figures, directors Jenson Button, Vettel...
  12. olegg

    2016 Season: what bet

    Season 2016: driver champ bet
  13. ATL11

    Technical Can we talk about the Halo?

    So we've seen in Barca testing, the first pictures of the Halo version 1. Now I know the key to this device is the safety of the driver's head! So after the initial pictures emerged, the media came out with everything positive about this device. But now after Kimi's testing, see below...
  14. olegg

    Poll 2015 Austin Race start and first turn

    Many people talk about "bad Hamilton's move" in the first turn Austin GP. Rosberg also publicly blames Hamilton. I think that Hamilton didn't break the rules What do you think about this episode? and view from Hamilton and Rosberg onboard:
  15. olegg

    Ecclestone wants to impose V8s in F1 for 2016

    Bernie Ecclestone says Formula 1 should go ahead and bring back V8 engines next year, even without the consent from the teams. Ecclestone wants to impose V8s in F1 for 2016 I think it sounds like a silly joke
  16. RasputinLives

    Grand Prix 2015 Belgian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

    So the second half of the F1 season will start with the epic race through the Ardennes forest that is Spa-Francorchamps. The track has more iconic corners and sections than most of the rest of the F1 tracks have put together. What would a modern F1 season be without a race here? Well I guess it...
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