You Bet 2024

here are the results for austrian youbet. those last few laps really shook up the order. not for me i knew i was out after lap 1 LOL, & its congratulations to Dartman after the lando & max crash won him an extra 380 & moves up to 2nd in the championship

well done to rufus_mcdufus Il_leone Bleu The Artist..... on making a profit

I pick a driver at the start of the season and stay with him, with George I lost a lot in the beginning but the odds are good so when and if he comes good the payout is good. I did think about swapping to Lando about 4 races ago but the odds weren't good enough to claw back what I had lost.
here we are the results for the British Youbet & congratulations to Il_leone our winner where Lewis Hamilton made them hit the Jackpot with the biggest return of the year & flies up to 2nd in championship.

also congratulations go out to Bleu who also made huge return on also backing Hamilton. also The Artist..... who made a profit on Piastri & a whole load of stress just for 90

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