2024 silly season


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after everything thats kicked off today. its seems this is appropriate. as this could be the biggest for a while with domino effect of Hamilton to ferrari. then you have Albon, Perez, Alonso, Riccardo all out of contact at the end of the season & those excluding alonso all anticipated to be moving
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Sainz to Red Bull to replace Sergio Perez.
i got sent this on the 10th December & the judge was discussing as well completely dismissed it, because i thought sainz would get a yr extension

The other one I was thinking of was either Albon or Ocon will go to Mercedes,and that driver will be replaced by Liam Lawson.
i could see albon. but how about this for potential deal, mercedes highly rate Frederick vesti & Kimi Antonelli in F2. if 1 of 2 win the F2 title they do a Lewis Hamilton 2007 to replace Lewis Hamilton 2024
If Mercedes wanted him, which I wouldn't expect but you never know. If they did, I'm sure they'd have a way of helping Williams to reach an agreement.
guessing at the moment, id take a punt that
  • perez will leave red bull
  • 1 or both could leave Haas
  • 1 or both could leave Stake kick sauber audi
  • Ocon & Gasly will stay at Alpine
  • if Riccardio promoted, Tsunoda stays. if Red bull dont pick Riccardio, Tsunoda will leave Toro rosso
  • barring improvement on his rookie year it could be curtains for Sargent
  • i really Hope Alonso moves to Mercedes just for the drama, hopefully alonso with a young British talent teammate ends more amicably

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I really wish everyone of those drivers out of contact would bugger off. Perhaps with the exception of Sainz and Alonso (ouch, that hurt) they are either too old or have not shown sufficient talent to keep a seat in F1 given the number of drivers who have proven to be very talented in the lower formulas.

And unless F1 finds a way to create more seats in the sport (perhaps by allowing more teams) we will never see whether these youngsters can prove themselves to be the next Lewis or Max.
He might be a WDC, but remind me how many years ago.

He's yesterday's man and should move on.
yes 2006 he did win his last championship but for small margins you could be talking about 5 time world champion not a 2 time. but for me he's still driving as well as ever, hes not a kimi raikkonen outstaying his welcome. the F1 drivers had him 3rd best of 2023.

he would be top of my list as alonso on top form with a capable car would be box office
Antonelli seemingly if his progress is as rapid then he will be fast tracked into Mercedes

Alonso is plan B
i worry about antontelli, because 99% will have never seen him drive, he's quite young he was born on the same day when hamilton did memorable GP2 comeback at Istanbul park & yet ive never seen a driver who will start already with such huge pressure to deliver, i think it surpasses what mick schumacher had because that was on name

but antontelli will been seen as over rated if he doesnt win the opening round
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