1. Angel

    Big Money Or Championship Wins?

    If what I just read about the offer McLaren have offered Daniel Ricciardo is true, then he has to decide what matters most to him. I saw that they will triple his current pay and give him $20 million (£15 million) a year to race for them. Given the state of their car in recent years, will that...
  2. Rutherford

    Poll Clip The Apex's Least-Liked Driver

    Corresponding to RasputinLives Favourite Driver poll, here's the Least-Liked Driver poll. Put your cross in the box of your 3 favourites on the grid (or just 1 or 2 if you really like em all). Feel free to tell us how you are voting because we'd all be interested.
  3. olegg

    Poll Which of the Grand Prix of 2016 was the best?

    It took a bit of time after the last race of the season. You can look back at the season as a whole and choose the race or races (up to 3 races) that are most remembered. While it may be someone no one race of the season did not like. Particularly interesting opinions of those who participated...
  4. olegg

    F1 2016: best-looking car

    On the f1fanatic was voting best-looking car this seson This is result Selected from the following: Mercedes W07 (2016) Ferrari SF16-H (2016) Williams FW38 (2016) Red Bull RB12 (2016) Force India VJM09 (2016) Renault RS16 (2016) Toro Rosso STR11 (2016) Sauber C35 (2016)...
  5. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    2015 is officially over and done with, after statistically being over and done with about a month ago and emotionally over and done with several months ago. This race was not too bad I thought, the first lap was pretty chaotic and then during the race there was a bit of interest coming from...
  6. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

    Well, a pretty dull season is back to crawling to a pretty dull end. There were a few battles in the midfield as always but nothing to get excited about in the top five. Rosberg's recent streak adds some intrigue for 2016 but I nearly didn't bother to watch this race and it lived up to my low...
  7. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Mexican Grand Prix

    With both championships wrapped up there's always the risk that the rest of the season will be a damp squib, but in Mexico it seems we've un(or re-)covered a real gem of a venue with fans packing the grandstands. Rosberg controlled this one from the front, finally able to take advantage of his...
  8. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 USA Grand Prix

    What a race! After a weekend almost completely destroyed by rain/storms we were treated to an absolutely manic Sunday thanks to a drying track. Rosberg started off pole only to be barged out of the way pretty robustly by Hamilton, with both Mercedes then struggling to keep back the Red Bulls...
  9. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Japanese Grand Prix

    Normality resumed after the topsy turvy result at Singapore then with a Mercedes one-two and any hint of a late Vettel surge in the championship gone. Kvyat's big off in qualifying meant the driver's didn't get to complete their final runs in Q3, and it was Rosberg who had done enough to take...
  10. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Singapore Grand Prix

    Friday and Saturday offered much intrigue as Mercedes struggled, being slower than both Ferrari and Red Bull all weekend. This offered a hint of maybe getting a good race as Vettel stuck it on pole with the Mercedes drivers back on the 3rd row. Unfortunately, all we got is replacing 2014-15 spec...
  11. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Italian Grand Prix

    Another race that offered little apart from DRS overtakes after a promising result in qualifying saw both Ferraris split the Mercedes, only for Raikkonen to immediately fall to the back of the back after suffering some issue at the start. Ridiculously large grid penalties for Red Bull, Toro...
  12. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Belgian Grand Prix

    Back to normal with a 1-2 for Mercedes at Spa then, but a nice surprise in seeing Grosjean up there in 3rd - great result for Lotus with all their off-track struggles. Pirelli will have a lot of questions to answer after Vettel suffered the second dramatic tyre failure of the weekend, albeit at...
  13. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix

    For a circuit that's supposedly impossible to overtake at the Hungaroring has given us yet another great race! Both Mercedes lost out at the start again before the first of Lewis' mistakes left him way back around 10th with all sorts of work to do. Rosberg couldn't match the pace of the Ferraris...
  14. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 British Grand Prix

    We finally got a race! A couple of stellar starts from Williams put Mercedes under pressure, but they eventually managed to come out on a top thanks to good strategy on Lewis' side of the garage letting him overtake the pair of them on the undercut and then later on the rain gave Rosberg the...
  15. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Austrian Grand Prix

    Rosberg had the better of Hamilton all weekend apart from in Q3, and then a good start got him and kept him in front. Raikkonen and Alonso had a nasty coming together on the first lap and Button retired quite soon after to continue McLaren's misery. Apart from that there were a few decent...
  16. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Canadian Grand Prix

    Montreal nearly always gives us a decent race and, by this year's standards, I think it did today too. It wasn't spectacular but we had battles throughout the field, helped by Vettel and Massa's issues in qualifying yesterday which saw them fight their way up in to the points. Marussia even got...
  17. sushifiesta

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Monaco Grand Prix

    Another procession more or less, but a scray looking incident that we got to see live between Verstappen and Grosjean followed by a stupid mistake from Mercedes to gift Rosberg the win and lose them a 1-2. But how did you rate it?
  18. Brogan

    Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Spanish Grand Prix

    Borefest or something special? How did you rate the Spanish grand prix out of 10? Posted on behalf of sushifiesta.
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