Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Spanish Grand Prix

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typical worst race .... the sooner they get rid of this track the better it will be for the fans

Unfortunately I;ve read they are going to extend the contract with the circuit . Year after year we get rubbish races on this track and it adds nothing at all.
I've read they are going to extend the contract with the circuit

Find it hard to go any higher than 5 points. A little bit going on here and there but not much. The fact that the TV director almost completely forgot to cover the race start, didn't get the afternoon off on the right foot. The statement "Don't bother, you are not likely to catch him, save your engine" sums up modern Formula 1. Yet another race where the aerial shots serve only to show the empty grandstand seats.
Awful circuit, though I have to admit I didn't find it quite as dull as I remember. It looked like there was a fair bit of slipping and sliding around which made it look a bit more challenging.
Not a particularly good race. The antics in the pits were the best part.
5 from me.
If it wasn't for the 'battle' for 2nd it would of been a non-event. I think a 3. Leaving scope for Monaco to get more than 1 LOL
I didn't even bother to watch the race live, I've finished watching the recording and got so bored that I put it on fast forward until the end.

So 1 point from me and that is being generous, I'm giving serious consideration to getting rid of sky sports.
Not terribly exciting, but Hamilton's stint on the hards dragged it up to a 6, before the prospect of an actual tussle for the lead was shelved, taking 2 points away for bogus race arousal. It gets a 4.
It was dire. The only saving grace was that Lewis didn't run off and win again. At least the Championship still has a heartbeat. DRS works far too well here, as the GP2 races showed.
There's No Zero, so picked 1, like Mephistopheles watched my Nephew play U18's Rugby instead so watched it on Sky+ later.

Am curious though, if after the Rugby I'd instead stayed & watch the grass grow, would I have been more entertained?

F1 do something:

Cars that Can't race
Dictatorship Tyres
Boring Tracks
= Boring Races
= Half Empty Stadiums
= Inevitable Constructors Champion
= Inevitable World Champion
= Bored Fans

Tempted to watch F1 at x12 or x30 for the remainder of the season, scary thing is can't see anything changing.
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We had some friends round but two of us watched the race "live", although moribund might be a better word. I did stay awake, my friend dropped of once the final pit stops had taken place.

The race was no better or worse than any other so far this season, just a change in the order of the Mercedes drivers.
I fell asleep after Hamilton past Vetel and the result was settled. Not even gone back to see what I missed.

2. It would've been a 2 whoever won that. A dull race is a dull race, but then it was Barcelona, so not entirely unexpected.
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