F1 2016: best-looking car

What is best-looking F1 car 2016?

  • Ferrari SF16-H

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  • Williams FW38

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  • Force India VJM09

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  • Toro Rosso STR11

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  • Sauber C35

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Not quite sure how to comment on that. This is 2016 and all the cars look mostly identical, save for the odd slight different nose design...
I really think everyone has a good looking livery this year, although my favorite is probably Haas. I love how they went with bold Haas branding and I love the color combinations they chose.
Manor, but they do all look the same, so in reality we're voting for the livery, so can I go for Lotus John Player Special Livery circa. 1980's?
The Renault looks good in close up, but I think on the track it's a bit nondescript. On the other hand the Haas just looks good, so I went with that.
The greatest differentiator is the colour scheme, and for that I voted for Renault. The actual design differences between cars aren't exactly large.
I always wonder if they would paint, say a Ferrari in Williams livery, if anyone would spot that.
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Surprised a few people have voted Haas, I think it's the worst livery on the grid, although the changes between testing and the races did improve it (or was it between tests?) Actually, maybe McLaren is worse.

For me it's the Red Bull. Catch it at the right angle and it's just spectacular.
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