Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Monaco Grand Prix

How did you rate the Monaco grand prix out of 10?

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Another procession more or less, but a scray looking incident that we got to see live between Verstappen and Grosjean followed by a stupid mistake from Mercedes to gift Rosberg the win and lose them a 1-2. But how did you rate it?
A totally shit race with nil action. The Max crash was 'fun' but then Merc pulled the rating into minus numbers with the worst ever pit call in history. Fire all of them.

I gave it a 1 because that was the lowest rating available.
I don't know how to score this one as, for all the wrong reasons, the last few laps were actually quite exciting. I shall sit on the fence and give it a 4.
Nose to tail procession, until the mind boggling Mercedes screw up,which although it has given us all something to moan about, did nothing for the race. It gets a 3
I was gonna give it an 8 when Lewis was winning, but then it got unbelievably dull after the pit stops, but then young Max decided to throw a cat amongst a field of pigeons leaving me furious and taking it back up to an 8!
Like FB, I've no idea how to score this. There were some interesting bits and bobs going on. Mercedes managed to drop one of the most bizarre clangers I've ever seen. The last 8 or so laps then became slightly more entertaining. I've gone for a 5 out of 10.
In the future, the 2015 Monaco GP will never be watched by anyone in it's entirety. The only clip anybody will watch is the Verstappen crash and how Mercedes screwed up. I give it a 1 because it will make me angry every time I think about it
Wow, still only on the first page of comments - where is everybody? Perhaps gazing mornfully out to sea?

Anyway, very average race - crap in truth, but that is average for Monaco, so 1 from me.
Then came the crash (no extra point for that) and the Safety car and the Merc strategy call.

Finally came the "Oooooooh he overtook me! I was ahead of him!" rant, quickly dispelled by video from every angle! :givemestrength:
Followed by the complete seperation of rattle and pram during the final laps.
Then 'Oooooh NO, who put that big #3 thing in front of MY car. Take that, crash!" and podium sulk-to-the-max.

So, having picked myself off the floor after the funniest 30 minutes of F1 ever, I just had to add and '0oooo' to the score. ROFL

As for all those shouting TRAVESTY or INJUSTICE, get a life
- he'll still going to be the spoilt, arrogant, brat World Champion .... again!
My internet connection decided to go slow as it frequently does on a Sunday evening and I resigned myself to watching the BBC highlights, so I already angry before the race began. I hate the BBC highlights show! All of a sudden ten laps have suddenly disappeared. We saw nothing of Vettel closing in Rosberg for most of the race. They then showed Hulkenburg's crash near the start again around lap 50 or 60 for no reason whatsoever, while something more interesting was going on. I realise they're just editing already poor footage from FOM but I really don't like it. Coupled with the dull drone of Coulthard and shouty voice of shouty bloke. Going to wait until the day after this time to get the Sky coverage. For free of course.
Given the comments you lot make race after race, it sounds like the British commentators have lost the plot or something. With the NBC team of Leigh Diffey, David Hobbs, and Steve Matchett, we get timing updates on other battles going on that the feed isn't showing, good technical commentary, and generally a pretty decent overview of the race despite the bad visual feed from FOM - I did notice however that Monaco, whose visual feed was edited by TMC, not FOM, was much better than FOM's usual crud. It wasn't as good a visual feed as Formula E's though, again, lessons to be learned from Formula E.
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