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How did you rate the British grand prix out of ten?

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We finally got a race! A couple of stellar starts from Williams put Mercedes under pressure, but they eventually managed to come out on a top thanks to good strategy on Lewis' side of the garage letting him overtake the pair of them on the undercut and then later on the rain gave Rosberg the opportunity to take 2nd. Ferrari took risks with putting intermediates on early, with Raikkonen for the first rain shower and Vettel for the second, which let Vettel steal 3rd from under the noses of Williams but saw Raikkonen fall back. Alonso managed to drag the dog of a McLaren to a point in 10th.

I'm giving this one an 8. If we'd seen a tad more overtaking it would have been a 9.
Judged on a curve against other races this year, it's a 10, but judged on it's own I give it an 8. I loved seeing the Williams drivers between Lewis and Nico, too bad that didn't last
OMG! A race, an actual, chuffing, sodding, F1 race. We had a team other than a Merc or Ferrari lead. It was unpredictable. There was different strategies on show. Teams gambled, took risks and tried things. Cars were quick at different points of the race.

A good drive, and call from Hamilton. A good challenge for a while from Williams. Lots of positives.

A high 8.
I gave it an 8. Mainly because it was so much better than everything else this season. The rain and a great call for Lewis from Merc slightly ruined a possible great finish.

I could come up with a better race strategy than Williams.

Very enjoyable!
Five for the rain, -3 because they all knew about it coming - so no surprises, and only Ferrari screwed up the strategy!

Would have been the usual One, but another schoolboy error with the clutch off the line was worth a +1, otherwise predictable!

I well remember when my old non-tech car used to go in for service and they'd tell me, when I picked it up, that as part of the service they had 'adjusted the clutch' and, you know, it never made me **** up a hill start let alone getting away from the lights.

Am I now the undisputed best driver in the history of using automotive devices? :chuffed:
7 from me reasonably entertainging. The down was we only saw the top 5, we didn't really see the mid field action.
Had a lovely walk, and a jolly good pub lunch, and a thunderstorm while watching the Sky+ of the race. It wasn't quite as dreary as some races have been recently. I gave it a 5.
3.Just as dire as the others and not what I expected from my 'home race'. It would have been a 2 but an extra point awarded 'cos Nando was in the points (Yes, I know it was only because so many others DNF'd).
I don't mean to come across as the guardian of these threads because after all, it does say "How did you rate..." But two's and three's? With the announcement of rain inbound I actually felt a flutter of excitement about a race that I haven't had for a long time. Who would make the right call? How much rain and for how long? Etc. That kind of unpredictable race we've begged for all season.

As for your score ramilas1 scoring extra points above one for Merc mistakes is frankly bizzare. If all you want to see out of a race is a Mercedes doing badly, watch DTM.

Still, as I've posted before, I may disagree with it, but it's your opinion, not mine.
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It was an alright race, but with most of the racy midfield out early on, as soon as the Mercs got past the Williams', my spirits, like the fans at Silverstone, were dampened. There just wasn't enough midfield action to distract me from the bore-fest that was yet another Merc 1-2. That Merc dominance is as tiresome as Ferrari's was. I really wanted a Williams 1-2, just to shake things up, but that rain just scuppered it.
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