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With both championships wrapped up there's always the risk that the rest of the season will be a damp squib, but in Mexico it seems we've un(or re-)covered a real gem of a venue with fans packing the grandstands. Rosberg controlled this one from the front, finally able to take advantage of his recent upturn in form. Hamilton will want to stem that trend before the year ends to keep his momentum going in to 2016. The rest of the race had a few interesting battles, for example between the Williams and Red Bull drivers, but nothing that reached boiling point. Meanwhile both Ferrari drivers took early opportunities to put themselves out the race and hit the tequila.

I think I'm going to give this one a 6, though I was tempted to bump it up to 7 thanks to the venue.
Absolutely dreadful race.


F1 is officially dead, etc., etc.

That's the standard post for these threads, isn't it?
A few surprising mistakes from Vettel and a great crowd in the grandstands but the track seems very narrow and difficult to pass on. I give it a slightly above average 6/10
The crowd enjoyed it, I didn't so 2. Perhaps the highs of the last couple of races made this seem worse than it was.
Well, Nico kept up this season's mantra of leading after turn 1 wins the race (barring mechanical failure / brain fade). I still believe it's harder for cars to follow each other than it was last year. Whichever Merc leads is normally able to do so relatively comfortably. Quite enjoyed the atmosphere, but let's face it, it used to be a poor circuit with a great last corner. Now it's a poor circuit with a poor last corner. I gave it a 5 purely for the enthusiasm of the crowd.
Loved the venue and the crowds and Sebs escapades. Some decent action behind the Mercs. Kimi Bottas crash was the highlight for me. Bottom line is the Mercs were just too good for a fun race at the front though.
Should be a 5 but the venue bumps it to a 6. The crowds were amazing. love the podium at the baseball stadium.
ok.. I gave it 7 which is top end for me this season. The race was rather less exciting, but the Mexican audience gets 3 points.
Absolutely dreadful race.


F1 is officially dead, etc., etc.

That's the standard post for these threads, isn't it?

Its traditional to give it a score?

Alright, always tough to follow one like last week.

I gave it 5. I wasn't expecting Mercedes to be still full on racing. But they have to secure second in the championship for their number two driver. ( Hamberg says ) :D. It was all disappointing, I thought we would see some racing for number 1 spot from other teams. Plus Vettel drove like a rookie and I lost 100 Brogans. What can I say . I suppose 5 is generous under the circumstances.
I gotta feeling this track will be become 1 of my favourites as that atmosphere was amazing. Up there with Silverstone & Monza when Hamilton & Ferrari overtakes at there respective home circuits. As you could hear perez before you could see him as I knew perez had passed verstappen from the roar before id seen the replay

but i gave it a 7 i like it problem the thin air + the normal turblant air meant lewis said he could get the grip to stay close (inside a second) but why we didnt get a great race ala last sunday
:sleeping: missed about 15 laps during first half of race, can't believe I 'missed' anything!
Even Kimi couldn't get excited after being punted off ... oh, wait, Kimi doesn't do excited. :no:
Slightly better than last week, so 4
Any race that is only shown live on Sky automatically loses points for me- as it is difficult to maintain the tension that "anything could happen" when it already has happened!

The race itself seemed fairly dull. (As often happens the first time F1 visits a new venue). The Mercedes bore-a-thon also didn't help...

I remember the last race in Mexico City (in 1992); despite the fact that Mansell was just as dominant as the Mercedes, the race seemed much more interesting- battles going on down the field that were "real battles" (not just post pit stop shuffles), bumps on the track, livening up the look of the cars, a broken wing mirror for Mansell creating the feeling that he could drop out... (And that race would only have got about a 5 or a 6)!
Six, it was dull, I fell asleep in the middle somewhere, Mercedes still refuse to race each other plus whenever Lewis looked to close enough to fight Nico, he made a mistake/Nico pulled out a good lap so we were robbed of a battle! But the crowd were great every time Checo came round
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