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For a circuit that's supposedly impossible to overtake at the Hungaroring has given us yet another great race! Both Mercedes lost out at the start again before the first of Lewis' mistakes left him way back around 10th with all sorts of work to do. Rosberg couldn't match the pace of the Ferraris and eventually Hamilton had him back in his sights 6 seconds back.

A dramatic front wing failure for Hulkenberg then shook everything up again, leaving the two Ferraris and Mercedes on prime tyres at the front (after Rosberg inexplicably chose to take them instead of options, not wanting to give Lewis any possible advantage) and behind them a very fast Ricciardo on options. Raikkonen fell out of the battle quickly with MGU-K failure but Hamilton quickly followed by continuing his 2011 impression with a clumsy collision against Ricciardo.

Riccardo's visibly damaged car was still quick enough to make an ambitious deep braking move on Rosberg, which he almost pulled off only for another brain fart from a Mercedes driver with Rosberg cutting across the front of him, giving Rosberg a puncture and demoting him behind Hamilton in the back end of the top 10, and stealing Ricciardo of the chance of victory.

Meanwhile, Vettel pulled off one of his trademark victories leading from the front. McLaren even scored some points.

I'm giving this one a 9 thanks to all the drama, despite Lewis infuriating me.
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  • A non-Merc podium.
  • Dannil 2nd.
  • A safety car.
  • Max in 4th.
  • 5? penalties for Pastor. That must be a record.
  • Lewis looking more like a Formula Ford driver with number of overtakes almost equalling the number of mistakes.
  • Rosberg throwing a podium away with 4 laps to go with yet another chop move (not learned yet then son)
  • The Hulks exploding wing clean pants moment
  • Dan Ric banzia moves
Despite not really being a fan of Seb, Ferrari or Redbull, I can't not give this a 10. It was the best race in a long time. :cheer::thumbsup::1st::2nd::3rd:
A 9 but only missed the 10 as we did not have a real battle for the victory.... I can't believe they let Rosberg take the slower tyres at the end; if he had made the correct selection he'd have stayed clear of DR and maybe would have had a shot at the win....instead he loses more ground to Lewis..... Lewis used a get out of gaol card today...
Fantastic race. So many twists and turns. I thought the race was goin to become dull on a number of occasions but it continued to deliver. That was an amazing race. Congratulations to all the podium finishers. They all deserved it. Jules must have been pulling the strings upstairs to give us such quality racing and drama.

Of course, I am sure the negativity patrol (2 members down since the last race) will point out just why this race isn't worthy of the 10/10 it deserves. Well done Hungary for once again punching above your weight. It shouldn't be called "Monaco without walls" as that does it a disservice. I hope we never lose this track off the calendar.

3 more weeks… urgh.
If you worry about your nearest rival who at the time is some 20 secs adrift of you, then you stand no chance of winning and don't deserve to. With that kind of thought perhaps you don't deserve to be world champion and obviously well phsyced out by Mr Hamilton. To win you have to want to, and forget about those behind, the only time you are interested in those behind is when you are in front and just need to pace a win.
Oh Superb race!!! Action, action, action. Where are the 'F1 is boring' brigade? LOL
Even though my man made some mistakes. He also made some good overtakes and did good damage limitation. Nico? disappointing. Shouldn't have asked for the harder tyres just to cover Lewis, should have been looking forward to the Ferraris and trying to win. Off Lewis' pace and lucky to avoid a penalty for an incident similar to two others that received penalties. Again a weak Merc on the pitlane, and they need to sort out their starts. Two races now compromised partly by poor starts.
TOTO: crappy day at the office! Love him!!

Ferrari resurgence? Vettel, not my favourite driver, but hats off today, he was faultless without Hamilton there to challenge. Kimi, again unfortunate though he had the pace today.

Max Vestappen! Gedinthere!!! great result for the lad at a difficult track!

McLaren. Good result. Great drive from Alonso. Hope they can build on this.

Danni R had a few things to contend with in that race. Glad he made the podium. Love Danni! And other Danny..Kvyat. Youngest podium person!!

More of this please!!! Bernie, take note! We want tracks like this and Silverstone!!!

So much to be pleased about and enjoy in this race!!

Since I gave Silverstone a 10 ( due to Lewis winning and the excitement of being there) I can only give this one a ten also.

10 from me.
Yes, when they said that's what Lewis was doing. His engineer did after tell him that if he goes faster they'll consider giving him options. But going fast wasn't in line with Nico's strategy, so he got primes.
The official line from Mercedes is that the virtual safety car came a lap too early to be able to be comfortable for a stint on the options, though you can't hide Rosberg's comments before that and other drivers (e.g. Ricciardo) went for it.
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