Big Money Or Championship Wins?

Which matters most in F1?

  • A huge pay packet?

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • A car capable of winning the championship?

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If what I just read about the offer McLaren have offered Daniel Ricciardo is true, then he has to decide what matters most to him. I saw that they will triple his current pay and give him $20 million (£15 million) a year to race for them.

Given the state of their car in recent years, will that amount of cash tempt him to race for them?
To me it suggests they know Alonso definitely won't be there in 2019, I can't imagine they could afford to pay him and that amount to Ricciardo as well.

So if you were Daniel Ricciardo which would matter most to you, the money or the wins? What advice would you give him?

The money is hugely tempting but I honestly think I'd rather have a championship winning car if I was him.
I think most teams would offer around the same amount he is a clear talent. His problem is finding a seat in a championship winning car. Maybe it is the Redbull next year or maybe he should go after Kimi's seat or Bottas's seat. What is certain is he will win nothing at Mclaren and that has to be the wrong choice for him.

I've voted the car option. The money will follow.
Without a doubt. Im assuming so many drivers would feel same but ive heard button mansell & coulthard all talk about how they would drive a championship winning car for free. I remember coulthard in legends on either channel 4 or sky sports. Say that forcing move to mclaren in 95 was biggest regret of his career. & if he could go back in time he would force himself to sign the contract regardless how much he was paid. Instead of rejecting & going straight on phone to ron dennis. As he thought about the what if with 96 Williams for long time
The unknowable right now is what DR's position will be at the Bull next season. Given how much swooning the big mucks did over Max finally having a prang-free weekend, added to their earlier pronouncements that they were going to be building their team around Max, will DR be getting equipment equal to that given Max next year?
I'd be very disappointed in Danny if he took this offer, would hope he's more ambitious that that. Particularly after watching a great driver totally waste four years of his career at Woking.
I didn't think DC was offered the seat at Williams for 1996 F1Brits_90, I always thought Villeneuve was signed and he was out the door with a thanks for all your help and so on. I could clearly be wrong on that though.

As for Ricciardo, there are now unknown variables at Red Bull with the Honda engine, the penchant for the team to bring in new young exciting drivers. You're only young and exciting for so long, they made that clear when they (in my opinion) all but shoved Vettel out of the door. He wasn't young and exciting enough for them, he kept on winning world championships though, how boring of him. I wonder if Ricciardo has seen the writing on the door there.

Yes he'd do better at Ferrari or Mercedes, but that depends on them getting rid of Bottas or Kimi. I think Hamilton would have a meltdown if Ricciardo came into the team and was actually beating him, which by the way I think he probably could sometimes. I'm not so sure Ferrari would want to risk upsetting Vettel in that way either.

The more I think about it, the tougher the choice is suddenly. Potentially a crap car but a big wage, or an unknown car which may or may not be a championsihp contender with a team mate the team seem to want to favour. If Red Bull have offered anything like the same money in the contract they say they've offered him, I can't really see why he'd be so reluctant to sign, unless he does really believe he has a chance at either Ferrari or Mercedes.
Aint this saying Alonso is leaving Mclaren if this has been leaked ?

Ricciardo should go for the car but he somehow feels Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull don't see him as the favoured son but how do Mclaren convince him they will have a championship winning car

Daniel can't wait another two years for Mclaren to get it right, a team that is in a real mess at the moment
Most drivers get huge pay packets once they proven themselves to be front runners or top drivers

the exceptions I can list are

- Eddie Irvine - he got a bumper pay rise to be Ferrari No 2 which shocked the entire F1 paddock given the talk was an Italian driver was going to partner Schumacher

- Ralf Schumacher - you share the same name as your illustrious brother and after 1 season with superior tyres you win 3 races and suddenly get a bumper payrise to $12.5m which was 3 times the amount your teammate who has better credentials on his CV - F3000 champ, Indy Car champ and Indy 500 winner. Whereas Ralf was deemed to be potentially as good as Michael based on that 1 season but he has never finished in the top 3 of the championship

He demanded for money in 2004 because he still thinks he is a top driver and the only team who were willing to shell out $17m was Toyota because i) the team is actually based in Germany and ii) Its Schumacher so he must be good. Ralf never delivered the results for Toyota and his career fell into decline. A case of Toyota signing a driver for all the wrong seasons and be gullible enough to pay him

- Nelson Piquet Snr

A triple world champion but not highly respected and that has to do with being offered undisputed No 1 at Lotus with a reputed $3m salary being paid by Camel the team sponsors. His career and reputation went downhill for being proven to be slower than Senna vs Nakajima, the Lotus car was not a good one and he could not perform to the same level as Senna. His falling out with Williams because he did not want to race Mansell who proved be quicker than him who were the top team then.
Oh...I think it is more than just a simple trade-off between $$$ and wins. If DR goes to Mercedes, he has to compete with Hamilton, who is established, favored and fast. If DR goes to Ferrari, he has to compete with Vettel, who is established, favored and fast (yes, there is some history here...but it is not the same scenario).

On the other hand, if DR is going to McLaren to replace Alonso (I am assuming this is the case, which is why they are willing to pay $20 million)....well, he is then the senior established driver on the team. That is a nice situation to be in, especially if McLaren has some potential in the future.
McLaren aren't going anywhere up the grid anytime soon.
The only reason to sign is the pension pot; and he has too many good years left to squander his talent.
Prove to Red Bull you are number one by continuing to beat Max and absorb the pain.
I didn't think DC was offered the seat at Williams for 1996 F1Brits_90, I always thought Villeneuve was signed and he was out the door with a thanks for all your help and so on. I could clearly be wrong on that though.

yeah I'm pretty sure thinking about it now that it was channel 4 interview with lee mckenzie in between FP3 & Qualy. ive tried to find footage on internet but i can only find a picture. he goes through it & appartantly he realised he had made a huge mistake when he was sat on grid in Melbourne 1996
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