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2015 is officially over and done with, after statistically being over and done with about a month ago and emotionally over and done with several months ago. This race was not too bad I thought, the first lap was pretty chaotic and then during the race there was a bit of interest coming from varying strategies and a few elbows out moments. I'll give it a very generous 6, including an extra point because it means no more dull races at least for another four/five months. Here's hoping 2016 is much better than this year.

I'll leave this poll open for a week before announcing the final results of CTA race of the year.
A 2 from me. If it hadn't been for a pretty entertaining first lap, it would have been hard to give it anything at all. Please let next season be better than this one was.
Well it just goes to show how we all see races differently, would have been a 7 from me if Mercedes had let Hammy use the super soft for the last stint and if we had had fewer cut away shots of the "beautiful people" littered around the track so a 6. Had a lull in the middle but was interesting most of the way through.
id go 5 it had a entertaining 1st half bit of tedious 2nd half & agree with snowy as i put on the discussion thread,

we desperately need a competitive 2016 Ferrari to fight with mercs. because they have made the last few races horrendous with the refusal to take any kind of risk with their bland vanilla strategies where neither nico or lewis arent allowed to do deviate from anything than the equal. as just taking final 2 races of top of my head i wouldve loved to seen lewis try a 1 stop at mexico or 1 or 3 stop at interlagos lets get some battles or some wheel to wheel action. & as i said last time out never did i think in 2013 i would be wanting a successful vettel but boring clinical mercedes are making me wanting him because as i maybe they will be forced into a risk
But Hamilton's people ARE Mercedes.

Lewis had to rely on information given to hm by the pit wall, and they were reluctant to give him the informatin he asked for. Like the last race. When he said he wanted to try something else to see if he could beat Nico, the team wouldn't let him.
I'm not sure what game Mercedes are playing, I suspect it's engineer a one/two at all costs, but that's not what peole want to see, especially when the season's decided anyway.
That was my worst race of the season, Im giving it a 2. Not just because it was boring, but because it had the potential to be good and exciting but that was engineered out of it.

It's fine Mereceds playing these games now, with a clear advantage, but if they start doing this next season and Ferrari are closer, then the strategy may come back to bite them.
A mention must go to Ferrari here. Good drive from Kimi, nice to see him get a decent result. And an excellent drive up the grid, WITH A STRATEGY THAT WORKED, by Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton confused by race strategy in Abu Dhabi
#F1 Forensics: Abu Dhabi Lap time and Gap Charts
I got briefly excited when JB overtook RoGro, but then went back to glass-eyed somnolence...a grateful 2, that this disappointing season is finally over.
Rosberg won, Button overtook other drivers, Raikkonen had a good weekend, the team didn't let him down nor did his car, there was loads of mid team action, Vettel proved that there are currently only two teams in the competition and controversy over pit calls.

10 .
Hmmmm I don't see how, which ever angle you view that race, that can be ranked among the best races of the season. One feels one is extracting the urine out of the voting process.
How many Mercedes F1 drivers does it take to change a light bulb?

Strategy meeting:
OK, everybody knows plan A and we'll only deviate to plan B if the situation is appropriate
Plan A, box now
Are you sure, it's not that dark, this bulb is still good
Not an option, box now.
But it must be ......
This is an instruction! Box, Box, Box! Open the ****ing box and change the ****ing bulb!
Press Releases:
I don't really understand, I didn't know what was right.
We gave him all the options!

So, not as many as you think - just the one driver needed to change the bulb
Frankly, though, you'd do better by asking an Essex girl. :bangfists:

EDIT - apologies to all Essex girls who feel unfairly maligned by this inferred comparison :snigger:
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Not the best race. I enjoyed many parts of the season but on the whole it was not the strongest.

Vettel again showed that he is still one of the best drivers on the grid. That Ferrari is extremely close to making next season a tight one. I hate it when he wins because he gets under my skin for a reason I am unable the pin down. However, you have to give it to him, he is a quality driver. And probably a lot more likable than some other champions. I bet he'd be a good laugh to hang out with.

Seeing the news that Williams stopped upgrading the car after Monza fills me with hope that 2016 will be their season to shine. I love that livery, the drivers are good and the team is my favorite on the grid. I'd love to see them win again.

I am also excited for Haas next year, a (hopefully) more competitive Manor team. Most importantly I am hoping for McLaren to shine once again. In my dream world we will have at least 5 different winners from at least 4 different teams next season. (That is a low ball number on my dreams but still probably way out of the realms of possibility for the current formula).

I will miss F1 over the winter break. I can't wait for the car launches and testing to arrive. Maybe we will see some really awesome new liveries. McLaren could finally get a title sponsor, Haas could maybe do an awesome job, Renault could bring back a yellow car, and we might see an Aston Martin liveried Force India.

Oh future Westy, how disappointed you will probably be…
Six, it was dull but it was picking up as Lewis closed up on Nico, I didn't watch it live and it actually woke me back up! Then the geniuses at the Mercedes strategy group proved that in a head to head with Ferrari, the winner will be the one who makes the least stupid decision! I don't understand why they kept Lewis out to put him on options, he had nothing to lose anywhere down the line but instead they didn't even leave him out, also, nothing to lose! But good riddance 2015, it's been a roller coaster, albeit that doesn't move
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