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Back to normal with a 1-2 for Mercedes at Spa then, but a nice surprise in seeing Grosjean up there in 3rd - great result for Lotus with all their off-track struggles. Pirelli will have a lot of questions to answer after Vettel suffered the second dramatic tyre failure of the weekend, albeit at the end of a long stint. There were a few good overtakes during the race but I didn't find it particularly exciting and even came close to nodding off a few times... 5 from me.
Couldn't give it more than a 6. Another master class from Hammy and a few interesting bits down the field (mainly from Verstappen) but otherwise very ordinary.
More mechanical failures than racing, and bad live feed decisions combined to make this a disappointing Belgian Grand Prix. Usually, I love Spa - but not this time. I give it a 4.
I was going to give it a four but when Ben Edwards on the BBC advises that you turn over to BBC2 to watch the mens 100m final then you know you have a dull race on your hands. A handful of overtakes and the last minute blow to Vettel provided a smidge of interest but over all that was awful. Made even worse by the fact it was one of my favorite tracks of all time. I'm actually sat in my front room quietly seetying at just how dull that race was.
6. Nice to see Grosjean do so well, and full marks for Verstappen blasting past Nasr on the outside of Blanchimont, but that DRS zone on the Kemmel straight stands as the worst thing ever to happen to a Formula One circuit.
Plenty going on. And some things still undecided towards the end perez/ Kvyat/ Massa and then the RoGro Vettel battle. A shame Vettel's tyre went but I think RoGro would have had him. During the race Vettel wanted to pit but Ferari over rode him.
I was so pleased for Grosjean making that podium! And apart from Lewis winning , the highlight for me was Vestappens performance. He's my second favourite driver. I think I'm giving this race a seven.

One question, don't know if anyone has the answer. How was Rosberg allowed to make up 1.5 seconds under the VSC? and why was nothing done about it? What's the point of the VSC if drivers don't drive to their 'hold station' deltas?
Aside from potentially breaking the rules, one reason the delta wasn't preserved could have been a technical issue? I'm interested to see what the FIA says about it, I have a hard time imagining that won't result in some sort of stewards investigation.
6 from me. Heated up a bit towards the end but the DRS zone made it far too easy. There was little point even bothering to overtake elsewhere unless the car in front could take advantage of DRS too.
I feel like a right grumpy git giving it a 2 now but mid way through the race I was just bored stupid. :(
It's the first time (I think) I've voted that low but as I said above, I was going to give it a four even though I was bored but when Ben Edwards, a commentator I admire, actually recommended turning over to watch the mens 100m final because nothing much was happening on the track at Spa, it hammered home what a boring race it was. The fact that like Canada, I love Spa and don't normally expect dull races there, made it even worse.
An average race that I would of scored a five if it hadn't been for the Lewis win and the Vettel blow out, which combine to bump it up to a 6.
I wasn't grumpy at all, as you can well imagine. and gave it a 10. Standard procedure for me, with a Lewis win....:yes:. Grojean's outstanding drive, with Kvyat and Mad Max's passing attempts sort of helped to reinforce my vote for a .....10.
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