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What a race! After a weekend almost completely destroyed by rain/storms we were treated to an absolutely manic Sunday thanks to a drying track. Rosberg started off pole only to be barged out of the way pretty robustly by Hamilton, with both Mercedes then struggling to keep back the Red Bulls. After that my mind is a bit of a blur but what followed was an incredible mix of strategy choices and safety cars which all ended up with Hamilton and Vettel behind Rosberg on slightly newer tyres and 10 laps left. Rosberg lighting up the tyres and going wide eventually gave Hamilton the win, and the championship! This isn't even mentioning what went on behind the top 3, with the Toro Rosso boys giving their usual entertainment and McLaren actually being fast enough to get their elbows out and do some racing.

How do you rate it? After all the dire races we've been through this season, I'm going to give this one a 9.
My first 10 of the season. It was exciting right from the lights going out. Max on attack, wheels banging, changing conditions, McLarens showing some speed, the list goes on but it was a great, great race. Congrats Lewis!
It's a 10. That was all about racing. Until tha last four laps, it was never clear who was going to win. Brilliant.
A 9, just to leave a bit of room. It had everything, including another great drive from Max. Great for JB, and the championship wasn't really in doubt, so in the end I didn't really care which of the Mercs won. Best race of the season by a fair chunk.
I got back from Portugal in time to watch this live, and have to say I thought it was superb the whole way. I give it a fairly spectacular 9- favourite moment was seeing JB properly racing again (finally!).
The very fact they managed to race this weekend was impressive. Great race and lots to like. A very very high 9.
This race had just about everything, action all through the field, battles for the lead, how Lewis with no tyres kept the lead in the early stages is beyond me, especially considering how quickly Ricciardo pulled away from him, leading at six seconds from one point to finishing 10th, plus Maldonado didn't crash once!
Overall, tense finish with Seb closing down on Nico potentially denying Lewis the title but Lewis won and took the Championship so was it ever going to get anything other than a 10?! Bit of a shame that Nico dropped it out of 14(?) otherwise we'd have a battle for the lead to the flag! Also, capgate!
9 for me if this was final race it wouldve been certain 10.what a race Them 1st 15 laps were brilliant arguably best since we've come back from summer break as seeing them trying to cope on inters on drying track. makes me agree with martin brundle that these cars need less grip not more lets see them fighting the cars loved it.

Harsh on red bull went from 1st & 3rd on lap 19 to 10th & DNF just 25laps later & who would have thought that maldonado would survive a race like that & score points. Was saying during the race manor were 11th & when maldonado puts it in the wall thats a 10th place
Brilliant race. There's not much I can add to the comments above. This is what F1 needs, especially here in the States. If people new to the sport aren't hooked by that then they never will be.

Great to see the McLarens do well. I felt bad for Alonso with his mechanical woes. I too was hoping for a few more DNFs for Rossi to grab a point.

A classic race that should be remembered for ages- 10!

P.s. Congratulations to Lewis. Nicely done. Also, lets no boo people. Vettel didn't deserve it and neither does Rosberg.
The only way that race could have been better was a late DNF from Hamilton, giving Verstappen his first podium (and preferably Rossi's first point too!), and keeping the title fight alive going into Mexico. Changes for the lead, battles throughout the pack, drama, it had everything. I'm giving it a 9 - literally the only way it could have gotten a 10 would have been a late DNF for Hamilton, no slight meant toward Hamilton, it's just if you think of it as a story, that would have been more dramatically appropriate!

Booing Rosberg and Vettel though? Everyone who did that ought to be banned from public sporting events for life, that's not on.
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