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Another race that offered little apart from DRS overtakes after a promising result in qualifying saw both Ferraris split the Mercedes, only for Raikkonen to immediately fall to the back of the back after suffering some issue at the start. Ridiculously large grid penalties for Red Bull, Toro Rosso and McLaren basically meant they were out of the race before it started and both Lotuses retired before you could blink. Hamilton picked up a grand chelem, I believe, utterly dominant at the front with pole, fastest lap, leading every lap and the victory. Rosberg, on the other hand, had a disastrous weekend for his already fading championship hopes after engine trouble on Saturday left him needing to revert back to the engine that had completed the last 6 races, which ultimately failed in the last few laps.

A mystery issue for Hamilton at the end that led to Mercedes asking him to pick up the pace despite him having a +20 second lead may yet add an interesting twist...

Another 5 from me.
5. A fairly mundane race. Apart from Kimi nodding off, and the tyre debacle, it's a race that will be forgotten soon.
I really enjoyed the first half of the race but that was mainly because I was in chat on CTA and we were playing Greenlantern101's games of 'predict when Pastor will retire' and 'How will Williams mess up their strategy'. Add to that Galahad live updates on how often Mclaren have been overtaken and to be honest we have the making of a F1 panel show.

The second half of the race I got a lot of ironing done and thats as much praise as I can give it. I've also sat all the way through the dullard of a race only to find out the result might not be the result anyway.

Coming one day after motorsport moved me to jump off my sofa and punch the air in excitement (Bernstorff's last lap move on Ocon in the GP3) I can't help but be grumpy about this steaming turd of a main event.

My hangover probably doesn't help.

I quite enjoyed it. Kimi was fun. The will massa get on the podium game was fun. The will lewis get to keep his win nonsense was fun. Seeing Jenson get passed by everyone was fun. Watching Pastor in top form was fun. I enjoyed it. It maybe wasn't a seven but I am giving it a 7.
You are a trend setter Brogan and I did think about the fact you'd prob being doing it as well.

Maybe we should start a thread comparing steam irons?
Exciting start with Kimi sitting motionless and exciting end with Lewis being told to step on it for no apparent reason, but everything in between was dull. I would give it a 5 but with the Lewis Grand Slam I'll bump it to a 6/10.
I've given it an unpredictably high rating, Lewis's performance in free practice, qualifying, race, the anxiety created by Nico's change of engine, Mercedes covert radio messages and the tyre pressure debacle all made it a classic Monza race.

9 out of 10. :moustache:
Unaccustomed as I am to coming back out of nowhere to post on this thread, I will. It wasn't a great race but it was interesting since I was not preoccupied with the progress of just one competitor. Kimi's fight back was good to watch and there was entertainment from other chaps pushing their way up the order. Finally seeing (or rather hearing as we didn't see much of him) what a fully unleashed Ham' and Merc' could do without another engine lunch was quite tense, but overall interesting as well. A 25 sec' winning margin was pretty special too. Then there was the crowd - it gets a point and a half just for that. I can't give it a 7.5 so it'll have to be 8.
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Bah! I struggled to give it a 4! Kimi battling back was mildly entertaining, and the threat of a detention at the and of Hammy's masterclass was all that merited any score for entertainment at all. Sadly, any possible lingering doubt as to where the Championship may be heading, got toasted on the flames from Nico's exhaust.
Well I had a brilliant time!! Of course the result was perfect for me, but that wasn't the only reason. The atmosphere and the crowd were great. Though not a Ferrari fan, and not particularly a kimi fan, I found myself willing him forward with the Tifosi.
I was pleased for the Williams and pleased Massa got on the podium. Apart from the last lap or so he was the faster of the two.
On the first lap Maldonado didn't disappoint, he went off track at the first corner right in front of me.LOL

The Mclarens I have to say sound appallingly bad.

Bill Boddy i spent some time looking for a tall man wearing a Minardi cap. The first problem I hit was not knowing what the tall man looked like. So I found myself looking for the avatar picture, I didn't find it. The second problem was I didnt know what a minardi cap looked like. So the search for Bill Boddy was a failure.

Monza track is great. It's in a National Parc. So there are beautiful woods all around. But it's easy to be lost trying to find the right stand. I found myself at one point underneath the old banking from the original track.

And getting to the track from Milan is very, very easy by train.

So I had a great time which boosts the score. I realise the race wasn't one of the all time greats, but it had some good points.
And Lewis was just SO dominant. Did I already mention Lewis? Oh yes I did. :p
I give it a ........a..........mmmmm..well all things considered, an 8
7, I thoroughly enjoyed the race as there was action in the first half and it was nice to watch consistent dominance from Lewis in the second half, hoping he'd get a fastest lap to complete his super slam weekend Grand Chelem. The cryptic radio messages at the end added to the tension, the Kimi fight back was good but we were robbed of Mclaren duelling!
Favourite part was Lewis' lap times of 28.0, 28.1, 28.1, 28.1, 28.1 then about 10 laps on, after the initial Rosberg pit stops, he was still doing 28.1s!
Edit: The race has just gone down in my estimation as racecub didn't find Bill Boddy!
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