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Normality resumed after the topsy turvy result at Singapore then with a Mercedes one-two and any hint of a late Vettel surge in the championship gone. Kvyat's big off in qualifying meant the driver's didn't get to complete their final runs in Q3, and it was Rosberg who had done enough to take pole. Nico continues to struggle with the new start procedures, though, and Hamilton was back in to the lead, forcing Nico wide and back down to 4th. Nico then spent the rest of the race recovering to 2nd, as has happened a lot this season. That was the last we saw of the top 3 and behind them the usual midfield suspects did their best to give us a race again. McLaren were able to get somewhat involved with the back of the midfieuld today but frustration is starting to bubble over from both drivers with Alonso scathingly complaining about his "GP2 engine" at Honda's home race with all the big wigs present.

Suzuka is a great track and I found it a tad more enjoyable to watch than Singapore as it wasn't ruined by safety cars, but it was still another dull affair that I was more or less asleep for the last 20 laps. In a scene that epitomises F1's state at the moment, they now can't even get the microphone workings on the podium. Maybe Rosberg will throw his toys out the pram about the first lap incident to give us a bit of post-race excitement... nope he seems a bit more resigned to finishing 2nd this year. This was a 4 out of 10 for me, continuing the bad streak since Hungary. How did you rate it?
Max charged into the points from the back of the pack, Rossi avoided colliding with Stevens, Ricciardo and Massa mucked up each others' races, other than that, a whole lot of nothing interesting happened. :yawn: Less interesting than trying every possible trick to try get my PC working again. I give it a 4.
Wow, what a race. Battles throughout the field, no idea who was going to win until the final corner of the final lap. Drivers looking exhausted as they fell from their cars at the end of the race. Cars banging wheels through the corners, last gasp late braking dives into the chicane. Three abreast through 130R, who would have ever thought that was possible? Who was it that tried to push his car over the line just to grasp the final point?

The battle for the championship is looking so tight, I can barely control my excitement for the next race.

Great win from Lewis controlled that race fantastically just like vettel managed last sunday in singapore from a neutral point of view dont get nico at the start how he left the door open for lewis & then fought a losing battle around the outside when he should yeilded to lose 1 instead off the track losing 3. i would say that barring reliability (touch wood) he will probably be champ by Mexico/Brazil. As i said nico just no competition just proved by stat i think i put on here before suzuka that despite have the dominant car for the majority of the season he was only 8 pts ahead of vettel coming into here which in my opinion (no offense to vettel) is pretty poor

this could be under 'things i didnt expect to say last yr' delighted Verstappen did get his controversial drive this yr as every race he has been fantastic to watch just some brilliant overtakes & drives with no fear which is why back in monaco i didnt criticize him for the grosjean crash because i wanted to see someone take a risk to think he is 17 crazy
Technically perfect race from Lewis made for a little dull watching. But good overtaking further down the field and the positions for 2nd 3rd and 4th changed through the race even if it was in the pit stops. Oh yes and we had a change for the lead, even if it was in the second corner. Very average race on a very good track.

It would be a 4 I think but for the fact I love Suzuka and Lewis was just incredible. He finished 19 seconds ahead of his team mate who started on pole. That is incredible, and as such deserves an extra point.

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So when Alonso mentioned the thing about the GP2 engine I started to think how cool it would be to see the GP2 cars race round Suzuka. With nothing else to do I started playing the race out in my head.

So Vandoorne is on pole and gets off well leading Evans, Lynn, Rossi and King but then about 10 laps in Canamasas drives Gasly off the road at the harpin and we end up with a safety car. All the fron runners on the softs pit but Sirotkin, Marchellio and Pic stay out on the hard tyres. When the race gets underway again we watch the former leaders fight through the pack. Lynn gets turfed off at the harpin by Canamasa (again!) But no safety car. Sirotkin and co pit with 10 laps to go and then start to charge through the field as the leaders have all been on their tires too long. Sirotkin gets all the way up to 2nd and would probably have got Vandoorne if there had bee one more lap but chequed flag comes to early.

The GP2 race in my headz gets an 8.

The Japanese Grand Prix though gets my first ever 1. Mainly because I got up for that crap.

Oh and I'm sure the line about the race will be that the only exciting thing was Max Verstappen and isn't he a breath of fresh air to F1. Well as Max is the only thing FOM actually show on race day anymore its pretty easy to see why we think that. If Maldonado had tried to go round someone at the 130R we'd have called him a nutjob dangerous paydriver.

(Just saying).
A 1 because Max was in it and Alonso's team radio, otherwise it would have been a 0. It's a shame Rosberg stopped being a racing driver after Spa last year. Stick Max in a Merc!
Max in a Merc? That's sort of terrifying to think about. He's quick, truly, properly quick in the Toro Rosso. Put him in a Merc? He might be unbeatable, if he doesn't bin it.
Rosberg should apologise, he overtook Bottas on the circuit. On second thoughts was Bottas driving a Williams by any chance? A very good 1.
Maybe it was just because I could only watch the two races prior to this in the BBC's "extended highlights" format, but I enjoyed Suzuka significantly more than either Italy or Singapore. In fact aside from Hungary, Malaysia and Silverstone I'm struggling to think of any other races this season I enjoyed more than this one. I'm not sure why, the midfield battles were pretty good with a few ballsy moves, but upfront the race was dull. I do love the Suzuka Circuit itself though, so maybe that's what it is.

Gave it a 6.
I watched the race live so I had a chance during commercial breaks to think about how I would rate it. The start was very exciting and there were a bunch of brave, non-DRS passes throughout the race and even though Lewis was never under threat, it seamed that everybody else was. I am an outlier on this one but I give it an 8
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