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Rosberg had the better of Hamilton all weekend apart from in Q3, and then a good start got him and kept him in front. Raikkonen and Alonso had a nasty coming together on the first lap and Button retired quite soon after to continue McLaren's misery. Apart from that there were a few decent battles in the midfield but I must admit I really struggled to get excited about any of it. I think I'm giving it a 6 but I feel like I'm being generous as I genuinely came close to just turning it off. I guess Maldonado's adventures at the end peaked my interest...
Can't give it more than a 3, and that's only for the battle between Max and Pastor.
I don't iron, I have neither an appliance nor a board. I sort of listened to the race on the laptop whilst emptying boxes, but will watch the BBC coverage in a bit before passing judgement. Sorry for Nando, Kimi and Jens though and quite pleased that Nico beat Lewis - that may change though.
I like the track, there was some nip and tuck action at times in the midfield but once again, little to get excited about at the front. If Canada rated a 5 in my opinion then so shall Austria. Pastor's tank slapper at the end almost gained it an extra point thought. so in truth a 5 1/2.
I liked that race - I will admit that's partly because I really like the circuit, and because Nico got a win. I can't believe a whole row jumped the gun on the grid then bogged it down to compensate - pure chaos, and it made that first turn even more dicey than is usual for the circuit, with some four abreast coming into turn one, pretty exciting. Raikkonen and Alonso's crash was unfortunate, and it's a darn good thing Raikkonen's hands weren't still on the wheel when the underside of Alonso's cars cut across the top of the cockpit. It was nice to see Alonso stick around to make sure Kimi was alright, and to hear Button asking over the radio if Alonso was alright, very classy. Maldonado and Verstappen's battle was fun to watch, that was a nice little scrap they had going. Pit stop woes continue for Ferrari, which scuppered a podium finish for Vettel, but it looks like everyone's doing it. Peer pressure maybe? Public service announcement: just say no to bad wheel changes!
This race was probably better than Canada and Monaco but I can't bring myself to rate it higher.

I'm kind of tired of getting really excited about other formula's and then coming to what is suppose to be the crem de la crem and being throughly bored. The GP2 was close battles and great racing all the way down the field with overtakes at 8 or 9 different places on the track. The GP3 was the same (and thats unusual as that can be a bit lackluster sometimes) but then we come to the F1 and we are back to the 'its too difficult to overtake' radio messages again.

Something proper wrong with the sport when the supposed top tier is by far less entertaining than than the lower ones.

So I give it a grumpy 4.
Brilliant show from Bottas, great overtakes. Pastor had some fun moments. Crash at the start was a bit scary and could of been a lot worse. Happy to see Massa get a podium.

McLaren........what can you say......it's like watching your dog get sick and realising your going to have to have it put down. I don't think it can actually get any worse for them.

Real shame the Lewis penalty killed the chase to the lead.
Remind me the penalties were brought in to destroy the racing because it was too exciting, is that right?

About the same excitement as Canada. Just a 5 I think.
I have to say, I didn't think we'd see any tens but I was wrong. Hmmm. And it wasn't a 1 either, surely?

Hey ho, as we discussed in the Canada poll, each to their own I guess.
I guess 8 is generous but the only thing missing was some seriously hard racing at the front. Hamilton thought he had a sniff before Rosberg did those quick laps and pretty much ended it there
Well I competed two new levels on Farm Hero's Saga during the race so not a complete waste of 2 hours. BTW, anyone else see Crofty telling the fans off after the race for saying F1 is "not so good" at the moment? God forbid anyone should have a different opinion to yours eh David? Remind me what you do again. That's it, F1 commentator. No reason to believe you migth be biased then.
Fell asleep from laps 12 to 26, which is an improvement on the previous 22 laps that I fell asleep for Canada, I'm seeing that as a slight improvement on the 2 I gave for Canada, so giving an improved score, there was:
  • Decent run into turn 1
  • Interesting crash, which could have so easily have been different & we'd have been bringing up open cockpits again
  • Rather processional after that hence the sleeping
  • Good recovery from the Tank Slapper
  • Result makes it a little more interesting for the pressure building for Lewis for this home GP.
  • Also found Spray starch is very good for shirt collars to give them a sharp look
Going to go 5
I always use a little spray starch on my shirts. Not excited about that enough to raise my 5.5 score but thought it worth a post.

7, I seem to remember some good battles through the field, but then I also remember wanting it to be over so I could sleep, it ended with Lewis' penalty really as he was never really going to pull five seconds on Nico. Maldonado's saves were pretty good though
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