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Ok ladies and gents, here is the official You Bet! game thread (tm C_A_T 2013)

Firstly, like all good games you need the rules so, here they are:

1) You have until 23.59 (UK time) Thursday 15th Aug to sign up to join the game.

2) You may bet as much or as little of your balance as you wish. Remember 1 Brogan is made up of a 100 Bros.

3) You may make a maximum of three individual bets per round and you can not bet more than your balance. I.E. if your balance is 9 brogans, you can bet 3 bets of 3 Brogans each. (or any combination that suits)

4) The first odds will be posted on Friday 9th and subsequently on each Friday the week before a GP. You have then until 23.59 (UK time) on the Thursday before a GP to place your bets.

5) all bets must be placed using the conversation tool ensuring that all bets between you and the bookmaker are private and preventing people from covering each others bets to stay ahead. When you place a bet, you must list each one, the total you wish to stake and the odds for that bet.

6) The odds will remain the same once posted.

7) If a driver / car does not complete an official timed lap in Q1 of qually (if the bet relates to qualifying position) or cross the start line and officially start the race, the bet will be voided and you will have your bet stake returned.

8) No results will be published until all steward investigations are complete, unless those investigations will not be completed on race day then only the result in dispute will not be paid out.

9) The bookmakers decision is final however if you notice any errors in calculation, please pm me and I will review them and correct them as required.

10) All winnings will be rounded up to the nearest bro (1p). You will receive your winnings plus your original stake. There will be no each way bets.

11) The winning entrant will be the player who has the highest balance in their account after the final race of the season.

Any Questions ??

Ok, for those who are not familiar with betting, odds work like this:

The first number is the amount you will win and the second number is the amount you will have to stake to receive that money.

For example.

12/1 means that to win 12 pounds you have to bet 1 pound

5/4 means that to win 5 pounds you must stake 4 pounds

5/8 means that to win 5 pounds you must stake 8 pounds

So, as a ratio.

You place 3 pounds (brogans) on Massa to win at odds of 4/1. If Massa wins, you get:

4 x 3 which is 12 plus your original stake back which means you win £15 (brogans)

You also place 3 brogans on Vettel to score points at odds of 1/9. If Vettel scores you get:

1 / ( 9 / 3 ) = 34p plus your stake back which means you win £3.34

The following people are already signed up for the game and all are welcome:

Open Accounts

1) Jen - Balance: 10 Brogans
2) mjo - Balance: 10 Brogans
3) F1Yorkshire - Balance: 10 Brogans
4) sh4dow85 - Balance: 10 Brogans
5) Titch - Balance: 10 Brogans
6) jez101 - Balance: 10 Brogans
7) McZiderRed - Balance 10 Brogans
8) Jos the Boss - Balance 10 Brogans
9) no-FIat-please - Balance 10 Brogans
10) MCLS - Balance 10 Brogans
11) GeoffP - Balance 10 Brogans
12) Josh - Balance 10 Brogans
13) soccerman17 - Balance 10 Brogans
14) meph - Balance 10 Brogans
15) Fenderman - Balance 10 Brogans
16) GermanF1 - Balance 10 Brogans
17) Rachit Bedi - Balance: 10 Brogans
18) Teabagyokel - Balance: 10 Brogans
19) Galahad - Balance 10 Brogans
20) tonyw151 - Balance 10 Brogans
21) gethinceri - Balance 10 Brogans
22) Greenlantern101 - Balance 10 Brogans
23) The Pits - Balance 10 Brogans
24) Tooncheese - Balance 10 Brogans
25) RasputinLives - Balance 10 Brogans
26) Boyle - Balance 10 Brogans
27) Vintly - Balance 10 Brogans
28) Bushi - Balance 10 Brogans
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:thinking: how many F1 fantasy games is too many to be playing.
1. Castrol predictor
2. CTA fantasy F1
3. CTA weather game
4. CTA 2013 team mate prediction game
5. CTA Team game

Do I have time for one more…. :thumbsup:
Count me in.
Lets see if I can be as bad at this as I am at all the other games I partake in.

At least if I forget to place a bet I still have my 10 Brogans. Is there a cash value to these?
:thinking: how many F1 fantasy games is too many to be playing.
1. Castrol predictor
2. CTA fantasy F1
3. CTA weather game
4. CTA 2013 team mate prediction game
5. CTA Team game

Do I have time for one more…. :thumbsup:
Count me in.

3. Is not a game. It is a futile waste of energy and interweb space, I would have added intellect but those who are frittering anything away on your futile challenge of His meteorological control are clearly bereft of such.
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