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Welcome to the CTA betting game. 1st of all before anything i would like to thank Greenlantern101 for his brilliant service to this great game over the years, as it has always been a favourite of mine & it wouldve been sad loss & a big hole to fill on this forum if had lost it. so i hope i can try to do it Justice

so for newcomers & regulars that need a refresh, Youbet is Gambling with fake money on the F1 races for the 2021 season, If you like a bet with Fake Money or 'Brogans' as they are called around here, you're in the right place.

im going to keep things basically the same as it has always been under previous management, as "if it aint broke, dont fix it"

The rules

1. Do you want to play? Just post a message with your bet (rule 4) and you are in.

2. In each round you can ‘claim’ an income of £20. You can do this automatically by simply placing a bet or If you wish to claim this income without spending it just post a message saying ‘Bank’. Failure to do this will result in you not receiving the £20. You can ‘bank’ as many £20 incomes as you wish to save for a larger bet at a future race. You can use as much or as little of this claimed £20 income as you see fit, for example if you place a £5 bet the remaining £15 will be banked.

3. Your bank account balance will include your income (per rule 2) and your winnings. This bank balance can be used in full or in part to place bets with and will run throughout the game. Even if you spend all your money you can still claim your £20 income in the next race.

4. To place a bet, post in this thread, stating your driver to win, your money and if you are betting 'each way'. Just remember each way bets cost double the stated amount. Please see the examples below.

5. Maximum 1 bet per round, Multiple bets will be not be counted

6. All bets are on the winner. Each way bets can be placed at 1/5th odds for a place 1st - 4th. All winning bets are calculated by spreadsheet formula based on This wiki page If you are unsure how each way betting works please see the examples below.

- If you £20 bet on Hamilton to win at 8/11 he wins, you would get £34.55 (including stake). but if you want to go £10 Each way at 8/11 & he wins it would return £28.73 (including stake). but if he finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th. it would return £11.45 (including stake).

- If you £20 bet on perez to win at 8/1 he wins, you would get get £180 (including stake). but if you want to go £10 Each way at 8/1 & he wins it would return £116 (including stake). but if he finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th. it would return £26 (including stake).

- If you £20 bet on Mick Schumacher to win at 3000/1 he wins, (i want to watch the race, where that happens ;)) you would get £60,020 (including stake). but if you want to go £10 Each way at 3000/1 & he wins it would return £36,020 (including stake). but if he finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th. it would return £6,010 (including stake).

Just to clear up any confusion, you arent limited to £20 per race, your allowed to bet as much or as little as you have in your account

7. The odds are taken from a randomly chosen betting shop & will be posted when available. In the event of odds not being available I will make something up.

8. All bets must be in before midnight UK time, the day before 1st practice or they wont be counted. Watch out for Monaco, practice is on Thursday for some weird outdated reason that nobody can remember.

9. I will post everyone's balance only after the official race result is announced.

10. If your driver doesn't run in the race for some reason, you choose can to take the replacement, (ie Hamilton > Russell or Perez > Hulkenburg) or you can choose to have your money banked.

11. The player with the most money at the end of the season is the champion & gets added to the wall of champions. Other 'special' awards will be given out at random for which ever reasons I see fit.

Wall of champions
2014 - Fenderman
2015 - Titch
2016 - Greenlantern101
2017 - rufus_mcdufus
2018 - gethinceri
2019 - Angel
2020 - Greenlantern101
2021 - ????????

all is to say is good luck & hope this game brings as much fun to us as it has to me over the years
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just 1 change, i thought i would give everyone an extra £20. that will last season long to bet on the world champion to spice up the end of the season. same rules apply as the races. for the bet to count the deadline is midnight on thursday 25th

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Here we go again:

World Champion bet - Charles Leclerc

First race bet - £10 each way on Charles Leclerc

Cheers ta.
I'm in for another go. Thanks F1Brits_90 for taking this on, glad to have another year trying to out guess the inevitable. With that statement in mind....

World Champion bet - 20 on Verstappen

Bahrain - 20 on Verstappen to win
10 on Hamilton for WDC
10E/W Ricciardo for Bahrain, he's a better bet than Hamilton for the first race looking at last years qually

it was fantastic weekend of racing but Not a great weekend of betting because only 2 Forum members, managed to come out of this weekend with any money.

so congratulations to Greenlantern101 winner of the opening round :1st: , alot like Lewis Hamilton, the reigning champion carrying on where they left off. & also mention to Titch the only other 1 to win money
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Full 20 on Verstappen for the WC (it's just my thing to always bet on the unbearable outcome)
newcomers are always welcome. the more the merrier. always say huge credit to original creator as it i think it 1 of best games

unfortunately the 3/1 odds have disappeared. as the bookies have changed them with 1st race in mind & so it would be 5/4
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