You Bet 2021

well i might as well get started quickly on this, as didnt take much working out LOL. as the only winner was the bookie CTA 365 hill power. as nobody got any return. going into the final round the standings are

rufus_mcdufus :1st:
F1Brits_90 :2nd: (how i have ended up 2nd :s)
cider_and_toast :3rd:

temp 1.png
here are the results for finale of hopefully less controversial Youbet Championship LOL

we will breeze over the GP results because like in saudi nobody won, the closest was me & cider but Perez retired early & Bottas did Bottas things. but in pre season championship table its congratulations to aaron8831 & rufus_mcdufus as madness of closing stages gave them the win

youbet 2.png

& now for the main event Huge Congulations to our winner rufus_mcdufus joining the roll of honour & becoming only the 2nd person to win the title for a 2nd time, after his 2017 victory 🎆🎆🎆

1st - rufus_mcdufus :1st:
2nd - aaron8831 :2nd:
3rd - Dartman :3rd:
4th - F1Brits_90
5th - cider_and_toast
6th - Greenlantern101 Titch

youbet 1.png

youbet results.png

Thanks for Putting up with me, hope you enjoyed 1 of the most wild seasons for long time. & ill be back for traditional youbet awards, besides that ill see all you in bahrain in march 2022, for a season opener with new cars & biggest rule change since 1998. hopefully less controversy ;):cheers:
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