You Bet 2021

rufus_mcdufus congratulations enjoy the fame that success brings.

F1Brits_90 well done on running the game this year I know how much work it takes and it is hugely appreciated that you took over I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you.

I'm now off to appeal the final result in the international courts. LAST it's a bloody fix. This ain't over yet you will be hearing from my lawyer ;)
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I'm now off to appeal the final result in the international courts. LAST it's a bloody fix. This ain't over yet you will be hearing from my lawye
reigning champion, who scored no points who do you think you are 1997 damon hill LOL

yeah it was enjoyable we had our teething problems. but it was great fun to take over & i thought ive got to keep the game as it the best fantasy F1 game out there for me
welcome to the You Bet award ceremony hopefully its less controversial, than the less prestigious FIA prize giving LOL & fresh from retirement welcome Kimi Raikkonen to present the 2021 awards

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The Sunday Best Award for winning a round of the championship - goes to rufus_mcdufus (6 wins), aaron8831 (5), F1Brits_90 (4) cider_and_toast Dartman Greenlantern101 (3), Titch Il_leone (1)

The Max Verstappen award for winning most Races this season goes to - rufus_mcdufus

The Top Dog Award for Leading the Championship - Greenlantern101 rufus_mcdufus cider_and_toast Dartman

The Tim Henman award for loving an underdog story & backing a driver at 100/1 - cider_and_toast 7 times he backed a driver at odds over 100/1

The Better Safe than Sorry Award goes to - Titch who picked a Red bull or Mercedes driver 16 times out of the 22 races

The BFH award, for finishing the season with only there Bus Fare Home - Greenlantern101 & Titch who were ambitious but luck wasnt with them in closing stages

The mystic meg award goes to - rufus_mcdufus aaron8831 for backing verstappen to win the title & become world champion before the season began

The "im not a stalker, im your biggest fan alan" award goes to - Dartman after betting on Lando Norris 18 times this season including for 14 consecutive rounds

the Nobody cares award goes to - Ocon, Schumacher, Mazepin, Kimi, Giovinazzi & Latifi after 22 races nobody bet on them

if your interested actually driver stats were as follows
1) Norris - 49
2) Leclerc - 22
3) Perez - 20
4) Hamilton - 13
5) Sainz - 9
6) Riccardo - 8
=7) Verstappen/Gasly - 6
9) Vettel - 5
10) Bottas - 4
=11) Tsunoda/Russell/Alonso - 2
14) Stroll - 1
I didn’t take the chance earlier in the week to say thank you F1Brits_90 ! I know this game isn’t the easiest thing to keep up with through out the year and you did a fantastic job the first time out. I appreciated some of the changes you implemented this year and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Congrats rufus_mcdufus on the win and let’s roll on to 2022!
thank you :goodday:

ive learnt so much & already got ideas for next year of things i can improve upon for 2022, which could be up in there because bahrain is going to be fasinating with the new cars
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