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  • 9. tooncheese - A history of F1 technical innovations

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Brogan Are we all free to vote or do those of us who voted for one or the other finalist in the original poll have to sit this one out?

I only ask because it would be remiss of me to change my original vote now....
Well done everyone, lots of brilliant articles. I enjoyed all of them. Well done to the top 3 and eventual winner as well who it it may be….cue drum roll and pregnant pause.
They all really were fantastic articles and I'm flattered that I'm still in the hunt, thanks to everyone that voted. Also, amongst the articles that ended up with relatively few votes were several that I seriously considered voting for myself so I hope no one feels disheartened! I think it was a tough decision for everyone and any of them would have been worthy winners.

I think I'll refrain from voting in the decider. Good luck FB!
EDIT: FB voted for me this time round! I'll return the favour (only fair, especially considering he got my vote last time!) Thanks! :thumbsup:
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