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I am very pleased to announce our very first prize competition.
It will take the form of a “best article" as decided by public vote.

Up for grabs is a fantastic Exoto 1:18 scale model, very generously donated by ZakspeedYakspeed.
The winner gets to choose one of these two models:

1968 Lotus Type 49B (GPC97006) - car 12, put on pole at the 1968 US GP by Mario Andretti
GPC97006 - 01.jpgGPC97006 - 02.jpg

1980 Renault RE-20 Turbo (GPC97090) - car 15, driven in the 1980 French GP by Jean-Pierre Jabouille
GPC97090 - 01.jpgGPC97090 - 02.jpg

The competition is free to enter and open to all members, including staff.

The rules are as follows:
  • Create an article in any forum.
  • Post in this thread with a link to the article stating that you would like to enter it into the competition.
  • Only one entry is permitted per member.
  • You can change your entry at any time up until the closing date and time.
  • Entries will be accepted after the chequered flag has dropped at the 2012 Brazilian GP (1800 GMT on Sunday 25 November 2012) until midnight GMT on Monday 31 December 2012.
  • Only new articles posted and submitted between these dates and times are eligible for entry.
  • All articles must be your own unique content and not copied or duplicated from other sites, including personal blogs.
  • Voting will commence on Tuesday 1 January 2013 until midnight GMT on Sunday 13 January 2013.
  • Members can vote for their own entries.
  • There is no minimum or maximum word limit.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • The prize is as stated and cannot be exchanged for an alternative item or cash.
All entries will be entered into a public poll and the winner will be the one which accrues the most votes from the members.
In the event of a tie, a further vote will be carried out between the tied entries, and so on until there is an eventual winner.
If after several rounds of voting there isn’t a clear winner, a random draw will be made by a staff member.

You have just over a week to start composing your articles before the competition is officially open for entries, so plenty of time to get those creative juices flowing.
Although there is no minimum word limit, to stand a good chance of winning, it will more than likely need to be at least several hundred words long.

A notice will be in place as soon as the competition is open.
Please do not post any articles before the competition opens otherwise they will be ineligible.

The competition is now open.

Feel free to post any questions, queries, comments, etc. on this thread.

Good luck everyone!
I'm excited about this. Looking forward to reading all the entries. Can I ask one question (I'm bad with technology :embarrassed: ) if you just put the link to the article in this thread, where do you put the actual article? Off to think about my story now :D
You can post your article in any forum you wish, depending on whether it's about F1, MotoGP, or anything else.

Then you just post in this thread with a link to it so I can add it to the second post.

I will just be keeping a list of them in the second post so it makes it easier for me to create the poll when the time comes and also acts as a reference for everyone else.
The competition is free to enter and open to all members, including staff.


To clarify, the staff here donate their time and effort free of charge and make considerable effort to keep the site running as well as it does, so it would be totally unfair to forbid them from entering.

I obviously won't be entering though.

Mainly because I'm shit at writing articles :D
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