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i agree on that about de vries, mercedes have been very disapointing, looked so strong at the start. disappeared without a trace. but i guess that racing drivers love an excuse & that qualifying system does give drivers a perfect excuse for that

because the stats are there. (discounted Valencia as it was chaos) out of 9 races only twice has a driver made superpole from group 1 (monaco friyns, evans & NYC 2 evans) & only 3 times have they made the podium (Rome 1 Bird, Evans, Monaco friyns, evans, & NYC 2 Da Costa)


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I sort of agree about the criticism of the quali format. Kind of. I think the closeness of the cars and drivers makes it seem more of a problem than it is. If they ran the same system in F1 would we really not get Hamilton and Verstappen at the front? I doubt it.

I think it's all part and parcel of Formula E. You have to take your wins when you get them and then work to stay in the title fight. I dunno. Maybe it's me, but as I've said before I think the format is what makes Formula E interesting. You never know who is going to be fighting at the front from week to week. I never would have called Cassidy being so much in the action or Envision being the team to lead the drivers championship.


Champion Elect
its working out for bird as too often he starts well & falls apart. this time its the season in reverse. i think it wouldnt make much difference as they did in 2004 but Schumacher took 4 of 1st 5 poles & most dominant year

but i like the identical cars. as most of best series have them but ill like to see them try it for a season maybe 2 12's like in indycar
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