Formula E Sanya E-Prix

unless of course they might be influenced by one of its main rivals in the shape of good old Tim Apple.

surely not, as trump gives all countries a warm welcome :whistle:

but if they spying on nieces huawei tablet they gave up few months ago. after playing roblox which i understand but i just dont see the point as i dont know what end point your aiming for. as you soon as complete one your off to the next
We are in that phase now where we are not sure whether to comment on the race as people will be catching up with it throughout the day.

i was thinking RasputinLives does a great job this is probably the toughest write up of any series because like franchitti says we are halfway through & when you think that we have a form book it gets turned upside down. the only constant is curse of championship leader hit again. every race i expect this to stop but keeping happening Bird 16th & DNF 2nd lap. although he was so unlucky the car infront was slower than usual & car behind outbreak themself causing a sandwich

great overtake from vergne to take the victory jumping from 11th in championship to 3rd above the old championship leader but maybe fortunate for the reprimand & that Nissan made another potential tactical error assuming they would be handed victory in stewards room. so telling Rowland to hold off. that final lap where do you start the frijns incident because it wasnt a racing incident because both were at fault frijns shouldve given a gap & buemi shouldve got to outside got the drive out the corner. you feel for di grassi that guy had no luck. at the very start harsh on buemi with that brake infringement considering he started 2/3s of a circuit behind as pitlane wasnt on the start straight. buemi probally felt that he needed a SC before race had started although he did a great job to finish 6th

i think Formula E have got to rethink this attack mode. because last 2 races they put in too awkward a place so much that it more of a hindrance than a help. because we spent 25 mins of drivers nose to tail nobody using attack mode as ruining your race going down to 4th or 5th. finally the table is ridiculously close how you try to find championship favourite is impossible. top 4 in teams are separated by 4pts if di grassi had finished the top 6 they would be separated by 9pts. as i said above so close vergne started 11th finished 3rd above Bird who came in leading
I really enjoyed the race. Little bit annoyed that the safety car appeared when it did as I was intrigued to see how the use of the power mode would have played out. Loved the tactical development of the race with Rowland seemingly in control and then it went nuts for a few laps.

I thought the power boost zone was perfectly placed meaning there was quite a bit of thought going on as to when to use it. Di Grassi cocking it up royally was hilarious.

Honestly, If Jag don't announce they are chucking it all in within the next few months I will eat my socks.

Over all really enjoying it. Great stuff and a good win for JEV.
No, not really.

It's no different to tyre stops being in a race and every car pitting under a safety car to gain "a free stop" as the commentators call it.

As Rasp said a while back, the power boost section has been added in lieu of pit stops. The best thing about it today would have been the top 5 or 6 cars were all running nose to tail and they reckoned the power boost section was worth 2 extra seconds on the lap it was activated. The leaders would have lost a couple of places for certain and would have then had to scrap like hell to hold on to not lose anymore. They would have then had to work hard to stay in contention to gain the places back as and when the cars ahead activated their boosts.

The safety car spoilt it a little but that can't be helped on these tight twist tracks. My only issue with that is the length of time it was taking to recover cars. It was the same in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. At Monaco, if a car goes off, there is a crane within jib distance to immediately get the car out of the way. They need more facilities like that at other circuits.

Anyway, as I said above, I really enjoyed the race.
.....and I've caught up.

Formula E doesn't dissapoint does it? Interesting without being the best race of the season. Gutted Nissan told Rowland to hold station because having watched Oli over the years he would have chucked one up the inside on the last lap. Rowland is one of my favourite drivers to watch race and has been for a few years. Interesting hearing Felix Da Costa giving Rowland a taking to on cutting his nose cone off and Oli not giving a dam.

JEV finally gets one on the board and it's been a long time coming. 6 different winners in 6 different teams and 5 different powertrains. Oh and I think there has been an overtake for the lead in every race.

Is it Da Costa in lead of the championship now? Lost track!
Fairly good race, plenty of attrition and like the rest of your sentiments dissapointed that Rowland held back!
Although perhaps not as exciting as some other races still a positive advert for Formula E. Any extra punishment for di Grassi for vacating his car without permission? Oh, and why was Buemi made to start from the pit lane?
I love the fact he took out the two drivers on the grid who have previously taken him out! He was clearly the fastest man out there all day but was half a lap behind before the race even started. Think he just thought 'sod it' and went for it. Also the penalty is quite funny because he was running 8th when he pulled the move so lost nothing!
It was only 13 between the last two which is like super quick in Formula E terms. It is the half way mark of the season so think of it as Spring Break (woo hoo).

To be honest the calendar is better than its been this year. It's around 3 weeks between each race - apart from between round 1 and 2 where it was 5 but Xmas was in the middle. In previous years we've had like 2 months between races!
yeah they remembered to push the season start back this season which they didnt realise the 1st few years. I think it was a season 3 where we had round 1 - 4 between October to April & round 5 - 12 May to July
Don't get me wrong, the calendar has vastly improved. Now it's much more like F1 when I first started watching in the 80's.

Even so, when you are enjoying something you can't wait for the next part to come around.
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