Formula E Sanya E-Prix

True but you have to be careful what you wish for. I think their is too much F1 now days - there is barely an off season now days and it's very hard to keep the level of enthusiasm for it.

I think the December FE race was pointless by the way. Why not just have two in Jan and have it all within one calendar year?
I think the original idea may have been to run it as a winter series away from the traditional F1 months. That of course makes no difference now that F1 is almost all year round.

I certainly agree with you about being careful what we wish for and yes there is far, far too much F1 on (or not on now) TV these days.
I like the winter idea I think they should make more of that, have 1 in December 3 in jan/feb & 2 in march. because you got Pr Open goal because bar WRC nobody is racing. I think we should be at around 14 FE racing & probally 18 F1 races
Something that was mentioned into the commentary for this race and I found interesting is that the Nissan car is thought to be one of the few that has twin motors in it which explains why it is visibly quicker in acceleration off the corners. I also wonder if this explains why they are so quick off the start line and also why they seem to run out of energy quicker? I think Nissan run a 3 speed gearbox as well which could also assist. The DS powertrain I think only has 1 gear which would add to how Rowland was able to pull away out of slow corners.
Formula E is a funny one like that because on the surface the cars look identical but the more you read about the tech underneath the more you realise how radically different each manufacturer has approached the building of the car.
Piquet splits with Jaguar Formula E team

Piquet “I have enjoyed working with Panasonic Jaguar Racing over the past season & half but results in season 5 have not met the collective expectations of myself & the team, i begin my Stock Car Brazil season in a week & half, that will be my focus in 2019. I am still very passionate about Formula E having been involved since the start and winning the inaugural championship. I wish Jaguar Racing the very best for the rest of the season.”

Management “Following discussions after Sanya, Nelson & ourselves have reflected on the position of the team. Regrettably, it has been agreed that he will leave Panasonic Jaguar Racing and take up other opportunities he has been offered. We made a big step forward when Nelson joined us in season 4 & he achieved some strong results for the team, but recent results have not met his or the team’s expectations. We want to take this opportunity to thank Nelson for all the hard work he has put in since joining us ahead of season four; he has contributed a significant amount into the development of the car & we wish him well in his future endeavours.

as cider_and_toast is getting increasingly correct. i wonder if this is the only departure from jaguar
no piquet does have 1 point problem his teammate has 36. i might be wrong but ive always though he was abit lucky to win the 1st title & got fortunate from several factors. when buemi & di grassi were the better drivers
Bye Bye driver on the pay books, hello rent-a-drive to help the team cash flow situation?

Edit: Just scrolled all the way through the article and saw Alex Lynn is joining the team.
I wonder what will happen to the Ipace series.

On the face of it, a good 'get out of jail free' card for Jag. Its a one make series that probably is relatively cost neutral since I expect teams would pay to run the cars.

They are race prepped by the Specialist Vehicle Operations department that has a budget to build 'gimmick' cars for JLR such as a light weight version of the E-Type and other limited edition runs of custom cars. Those can sell for huge money.
But I imagine one of the conditions of them running it in the Formula E circus is that they have a team in Formula E.

Any chance they'll maybe pull out as a team but continue to supply a powertrain for customer teams?
I'm not sure.

The big question is how much of the powertrain is Jaguar and how much is down to their technical partners at Williams?

Interesting how both teams have taken a significant down turn in performance this season.

Jaguar really saw themselves as leaders in electric car engineering and have invested massively to be at the top table. The development site in Coventry was looking to employ 700 engineers on electric powertrain development alone. They also threw in with Audi, BMW and a couple of others to develop a battery research facility, known as the "bat lab".

If the I-Pace series brings investment into Formula E then I would imagine it would be able to continue. At the moment there are only a limited number of options for electric racing.

The introduction of E-Cars in to national touring car racing would be an interesting move if that were to come about but for now, I think the I-Pace series has a marketable value for both Formula E and Jaguar.
"and now, the end is near
It's time to face that final curtain......."

i didnt think it was possible to excude smugness through text :D

The introduction of E-Cars in to national touring car racing would be an interesting move
BTCC could do his 30min races. 3 times a day

but i still find it weird surely if your unsure on involvement. you scale it down not up but i think RasputinLives your on to something as jaguar need to stay in FE electric is a big part of their future maybe be the honda of FE successful as engine partners but problematic as manufacturers
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Just had a brain wave. Team Jag becomes Team Williams thus saving the name after they fall out of F1 and allowing them to concentrate on their Formula E tech they've been building anyways.

Jag stays involved in a low key way and can come back if needs be.
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