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Well it appears Ferrari aren't the only ones dreaming of Electric. The below article talks mainly about how the season 3 cars recharge 50% more energy than last year under braking which allows for more strategy, as well as full race distance in one car by season 5. As well as that though it mentions that a new electric GT series is set to be launch and an electric red Bull rally cross series.

Third Season of Formula E Sees More Autonomy, Competitors

It appears the big car makers are keen to be involved in these series as a testing ground. Even if your building hybrid road cars being able to test design of electric motors and how they work with gearboxes, etc etc has got to be a benefit.
I can honestly say that Hybrid and full Electric vehicles are seen by the motor industry as the way ahead.

This is real road relevance.
I get the whole Road relevance thing but BUT, a Mclaren P1 passed me on Wednesday this week and then a Lamborghni Aventidor on Thursday, and I have to tell you the noise the Aventidor makes is epic compared to the P1 hybrid. hands down if I had the money it would be the Lambo just for the sound track.

You just don't get that with electric.
True mate but they are looking at mass market electric vehicles. Unlike the very high end and limited road relevance of F1 technology, battery life, conservation and charging will apply to all electric and hybrid vehicles.


From the year old article, "It is believed that the Sunday replay of the race received a boost in viewers owing to the NFL game that preceded it."

Football games routinely run over their time-slot. I have no doubt this was simply a quirk in the (fairly unreliable) Nielsen ratings.

Seems like some serious cherry-picking from FE's PR firm last November.

edit - adding NBC sports TV figures

They say 60,000 people watched the FE race live on FOX. NBC Sports averaged 535,000 viewers for their F1 races in 2015.


Let's not get carried away.

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Just to be clear, I've made two comments about things you brought up in regards to Formula E and Formula One.

You said that F1 should take note of FE's aero in order to improve racing. I said that doesn't make any sense because it's not the aero that allows for their close racing. Indeed, on FE's own site it says their aero package is purely cosmetic.

And then I responded to a silly article from a year ago that cherry-picked some spurious data concerning FE's popularity in the US/NA.

I can't help it if you belabor these points with innuendo suggesting the only reason I could possibly say these things is that I just hate the formula and everything it stands for.
Why the passive-aggressiveness?

Am I not allowed to call you out when you're wrong about something? The idea that Formula E surpassed Formula One in popularity in North America is such a complete nonsense that I had to comment.

I would have never seen that post if this thread wasn't broken out anyway. Stop acting like such a baby.
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