Gaming Grand Prix Racing Online - Racing Management Game

Hope this is the right forum for this... :thinking:

Does anyone here play GPRO? Post your thoughts here if you want...

If you don't and you're interested in playing an online F1 management game, follow this link:

Basically, you get a standard (pretty terrible) driver and a 'Level 1' Car. There are 11 car parts to upgrade, all going from level 1-9. These are: Chassis, Front Wing, Rear Wing, Engine, Underbody, Sidepods, Cooling, Gearbox, Suspension, Brakes are Electronics. There are also Facilities, such as R&D, Commercial, and Pitstop Training Centre to upgrade.

I have tried many other racing management games, such as Batracer and F1Project/myGpTeam, but I would recommend GPRO more than the others.

Feel free to argue or show off or anything you want to do, but I'd urge you to try it if you don't already play anything like this.
Can you change your strategy while the race is in progress? Respond to rivals, changing weather etc.?

I've tried a few of these games over the years but found them rather simplistic for my taste.
No, all strategy is done before the race, but you can change how long you stay out after a weather change. It is (compared to some) quite simple at first, but difficult to master, with regards to saving data and so on.
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