The Juan Manuel Fangio Quiz


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With Mercedes return to F1 today, it is clearly time to doff our caps to the man that won two World Championships in 1½ seasons with the Silver Arrows. First stat free, but with that stat comes the question...

1. Who did Fangio drive for in the first two races of 1954?

2. Which season did Juan Manuel Fangio miss in its entirety between 1950-58?
1952 - through injury. A Ferrari clean sweep was unpreventable without him!

3. Of the 7 races in 1956, how many was Fangio's Ferrari on pole?
6; only Stirling Moss in Britain for Maserati beat Fangio in qualification that year

4. Of Fangio's 24 wins, how many were shared?
2; France in 1951 (with Luigi Fagioli) and Argentina 1956 (with Luigi Musso). It was both Luigi's only GP win!

5. Fangio won his final 3 races on Pirelli tyres. Name the only 3 GP winners since Fangio to win for Pirelli.
Stirling Moss, Nelson Piquet and Gerhard Berger

6. Where did Fangio start the inaugural World Championship race?
3rd in an all-Alfa (4 car) front row with Nino Farina, Luigi Fagioli and Reg Parnell. Fangio retired from the race.

7. Fangio's first F1 win was before the Championship in 1949. Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh of Siam (normally known as Prince Bira!) was runner-up with Emmanuel de Graffenreid third. How many drivers finished on the same lap as Fangio (not including the Master himself)
1, Bira!

8. In the 1950s, the World Championship was still only part of the calendar. Which race did Fangio win in 1957 which did not contribute points to the Championship?
The Buenos Aires Grand Prix (½ points for Argentine) to add to the Argentine GP he won that year

9. Fangio's final GP was the 1958 French GP. He finished 4th. Who finished ahead of him?
Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss and Taffy von Trips

10. In the famous 1957 German GP, Fangio came from a minute down to win the race. How far did Mike Hawthorn finish behind Fangio?
(a)0.36s (b)3.6s (c)36s (d)36m
2 and 1/6th.

One point for Q6, a half point for Q8
I half correctly said Argentina
and two thirds of a point
for Q9
I tripped up over Taffy von, but coupled the Hawthorn with Moss

Yet another great quiz, combined with a lesson in fractions. Ace!
That was a toughy, I managed an inglorious 2 with the 2nd point being made up of 1/3 from Q5 and 2/3 from Q9.
3 and 2/3rds for me, Moss on Pirellis? Who'd have thought it, I had Nelson and Gerhard but I reckoned Nannini was the third, damn! :D
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