Grand Prix 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion


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This is very late as practice starts today for another Saturday race after Bahrain was moved to respect a religious event in these predominately Muslim countries. Oddly, no race in Italy, Spain or the UK have had their Sunday races moved to respect the predominately Christian population, but there you go.

In Bahrain Max Verstappen ran away with the race. The car is so good Sergio Perez managed to finished second, which tells you all you need to know. There was some racing further down the field but did it matter? Expect, barring mechanical failure, for Max to be the first driver to win every race in the season.

F1 needs to take good, long look at its rules.

UK TV timings

Oddly, no race in Italy, Spain or the UK have had their Sunday races moved to respect the predominately Christian population, but there you go.
Well i guess F1 is a "summer" sport & we wont be having a race at Christmas. Australia was moved for the 2006 commonwealth games. & i guess in 1993 & 2000, the British organisers were asked if they were happy with it being on Easter Sunday & they agreed

Expect, barring mechanical failure, for Max to be the first driver to win every race in the season.
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Alonso fastest in second practice With Verstappen 3rd.

Verstappen is being affected by the Red Bull Horner scandal so Alonso will romp home to victory on Saturday.

Best season ever.
i was interesting in domination because red bull have won 32 of the previous 34 races seeing how it stacked up to other dominant eras because the current Red Bull are currently going at 94% spilt verstappen - 85% Perez - 9%. from what i see of the stats F1 has never seen a prolonged period of 1 sided domination to this scale before

the previous highest is Mercedes 86% but it was more like prost & senna where the wins were more evenly spilt. & the 2 that were more like the 1 sided domination we saw with Schumacher & vettel it wasnt back to back like 2022, 2023 & seemingly 2024. there was a competive year 2003 & 2012 either side of domination. interestingly even if you combine the 2 most damaging years for F1 reputation 2002 & 2004 where Ferrari won 30 of 35 races. verstappen wins on Saturday red bull makes it 33 of 35. which means you had more chance in 2004 beating Schumacher than you do beating verstappen in 2024

88 15/16 senna 50% prost 44%
89 10/16 senna 38% prost 25%
25/32 - 78%

02 15/17 Schumacher 65% Barrichello 23%
03 8/16 Schumacher 38% Barrichello 12.5%
04 15/18 Schumacher 72% Barrichello 11%
38/51 - 75%

11 12/19 Vettel 58% Webber 5%
12 7/20 Vettel 25% Webber 10%
13 13/19 Vettel 68%
32/58 - 55%

14 16/19 Hamilton 58% Rosberg 26%
15 16/19 Hamilton 53% Rosberg 32%
16 19/21 Hamilton 48% Rosberg 43%
51/59 - 86%
Breaking newsssssss

Carlos Sainz has appendicitis, and needs (urgent) surgery. He will sit out the rest of the weekend, and Oliver Bearman (fresh from having secured pole position for the F2 race) will step in to the Ferrari for the rest of the weekend.

Sainz knew he was unwell on Wednesday, and was still feeling unwell on Friday - I really don't know why drivers insist on trying to drive when they're unfit to do so; Bearman could have spent all of yesterday learning the Ferrari, but instead, has to jump into a car he is unfamiliar with, learn how the circuit comes at him so much more quickly in an F1 car than an F2 car, and not hit anyone in what will be a chaotic qualifying later today!
bearman should be pleased with that debut. to only be half a second off leclerc. as shouldnt be underestimated. only an hour practise to get to grips with a car 14 secs quicker than what he drove yesterday, on 1 of the toughest F1 circuits to learn
Incredible qualifying performance from Max Verstappen to drag his Red Bull onto the Pole. Even more incredible from Ollie Bearman to step into a Ferrari and with an hour and a half's practice almost make it into Q3. He missed out by 0.036 seconds.

Truly the world's greatest drivers.

Best Season EVER!
this could be very good for hamilton & Norris. theyve taken the pain of old tyres & now they could fly through the field on a set of softs. with 28 lap delta
Best race of the season so far. Absolutely stunning driving from the worlds best drivers to push Verstappen all the way but Max managed to hold on.

For me though, the performance by Ollie Bearman on what is a true triumph of F1 circuit design to bring his Ferrari home in seventh may be one of the greatest F1 drives of all time. My biggest regret is that the Sky sports commentary team barely mentioned him, how well he was driving, how much notice he had before he got the drive, the fact that his Dad was in the Ferrari Garage or any other information we wanted to hear.

I would have expected one of the most impressive rookies in the history of F1 to have been spoken about in the race at least once every lap but nope, not a mention. It's really unusual because Crofty is renowned for going completely overboard about everything.

As I've said numerous times, Best Season EVER!!!
With the car at his disposal and Sergio Perez as teammate, if Max Verstappen doesn’t win all 24 races this season, then it will be an opportunity missed for him.
thank god for the rest of cars as i enjoyed that race more than Bahrain. some good battles & overtakes. but my god im sick of this domination can we just give them the title & let them bugger off. weve 2 interesting races since 2022 austrian gp. there making schumacher in 2004 look entertaining as least they were beaten

i knew bearman could because he was great as a 17yr old in F2. winning both races in Baku & finishing 6th as rookie in championship, why its worth watching F2. for entertainment & also to see these very talented drivers. but he exceeded expectations. i was saying id rather be dropped into monaco with hour practice than jeddah. as it so high speed & minor errors make huge crashes & then add in a car is 14 secs a lap quicker than what he drove Thursday
If I was a current F1 driver I'd be embarrassed tonight that Bearman was able to jump in a car and out driver over half the field after an hours practice. This says a lot about modern F1.
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