Grand Prix 2023 Qatar Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Ill start this with a question. what do Juan Manuel Fangio, Jack Brabham, Keke Rosberg & Nelson Piquet. all have in common

They've all been crowned as the F1 champion on a Saturday
Fangio 1955
Brabham 1959
Piquet 1981 & 83
K Rosberg 1982

As we all know Its Qatar this weekend, a circuit that is actually only 6 months younger than Bahrain as it was opened in September 2004, but until 2021 it was mostly used for Moto GP & World Superbikes. interesting Fact that at the time, the lighting of the Losail Circuit was the largest permanent sporting venue lighting project in the world until Yas Marina was built,,

Qatar like imola was just supposed to be used as a 1 off fill in for the covid pandemic postponements, as was the need for short notice replacements to boost the calendar length, but it has found a way to become a permanent addition & signed a 10 yr deal starting in 2023 almost straight after the completion of 2021 race, to increase the present in the middle east, with Bahrain, Saudi & Abu Dhabi

It seems very strange that we are incredibly only just coming into the 2nd half of the 6 sprint races this season despite being over 3/4 of the way through the season & likely will have a champion officially crowned on Saturday, unless Qatar has things in common with Singapore. i say crowning because he'd won this when he broke Perez sprit in Miami. as this weekend is the start of 3 sprint weekends in the next 4 races with Circuit of the Americas & Interlagos upcoming.

We can only hope we get a better 2024 because its funny that we will likely get an anti climatic crowning in 1 of the dullest F1 season probably since 2004 with Michael Schumacher, when Ferrari won 15 of the 18 races, but that isn't red bull fault Adrian Newey being the genius he is, is the only person who got these rules correct. but we can only hope for a better 2024 (although it cant get worse) but i feel that things will be more competitive either organically or manufactured to boost viewing figures & interest

last but not least what does Verstappen require to be officially crowned as world champion. really only 3pts & 2pts if he perez doesnt get fastest lap
Verstappen 6th in sprint, nothing else matters
Perez 2nd - Verstappen 7th
Perez 3rd - Verstappen 8th
Perez 4th - Verstappen Champion

If in unlikely scenario Perez wins the sprint & verstappen retires or finishes outside the top 8. for the race
Perez 1st + fastest lap - Verstappen 8th
Perez 1st - Verstappen 9th
Perez 2nd - Verstappen Champion
And it should be also noted that this track originally hosted Moto GP before F1 ever got near it which puts to bed the utter bollocks myth that Motorbike circuits can't have gravel traps and that's what's dictated F1 circuit design.

F1 circuits were designed without gravel traps specifically to prevent retirements and therefore lose star names and sponsorship views from races.
Bs to that I see gravel traps as the perfect punishment if you go off line especially for that dick Verstappen the number of times he's gone off comeback and messed someone s race up is unbelievable
That's the very point I was making.

Gravel traps punish shit driving.

The excuse always trotted out as to why they disappeared from F1 tracks was that Moto GP and Superbike tracks couldn't have gravel traps. As I said, we know that's total BS.

The real reason gravel traps were designed out of F1 was to reduce retirements.

Funny how they respect track limits when there is a wall there.
Sainz out of the race before it’s started. I wonder how Ferrari will ruin Leclerc’s race now. Probably by keeping him out for to many laps.
This is going to be a shitshow isn't it? Drivers on the radio asking "how many laps, how many????" and then someone will shred one and pull out a SC and then everyone will be asking if the tyre lap count is racing laps or SC laps and the FIA saying they haven't a clue and some chap from Pirelli running into traffic to avoid questions after the race.

With a Verstappen win obvs.
McLaren on the radio to Lando:

"OK Lando, this race has been a total farce with the tyres and track limits, please don't do anything to try and make it watchable. Please hold station"
yeah i didnt see the point in that, & i dont think they took a blind bit of notice. although i did enjoy saying Multi 21 lando
F1 really need to reconsider all these races in the desert. These guys are super fit and they were all on the verge of exhaustion at the end of the race. I've seen reports that some even fainted in the medical centre due to dehydration.
the race was ridiculous, the positive was that drivers were pushing 100% there was no baby sitting of tyres which i enjoyed but it was ridiculously confusing. couldnt do that every week

on Hamilton for me that a typical lap 1 move. that any driver wouldve made at circuit like that. its happens its a racing incident, you take the risk of going around the outside sometimes you look amazing sometimes like stupid. but ive seen a few of it on social media where people are already hypocritic because you cant blame hamilton for both silverstone & qatar. because by virtue he can only be guilty for 1 or both are racing incidents

F1 really need to reconsider all these races in the desert. These guys are super fit and they were all on the verge of exhaustion at the end of the race. I've seen reports that some even fainted in the medical centre due to dehydration.

the heat was factor i wasnt expecting they were saying it felt like 37c, ive not seen drivers in that physical state & struggling since the old Malaysian GPs, id say it was probally worse. seems every driver has claimed they were struggling & had felt ill at some point in the race. sergeant retired thru illness, russell felt faint towards the end, ocon said he thrown up on lap 15 or 16, Albon suffered from acute heat exposure, & you could see the effects it had on the top 3
this is a collection of stories about the heat





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