The "It's not fair" French Grand Prix Quiz


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Below is a list of 10 winners of the French Grand Prix picked at random from the 25 different drivers who have won this race since 1950. The reason why "It's not fair" is that you are only allowed to write down 10 and if one matches my choice you get a point, if they don't tough luck.

Remember you can only choose 10 from the 25 so you have to try and get inside the mind of the Fat Bloke (what an unpleasant thought) and imagine who I have chosen so even if you cheat and look it up on Wiki your answer still might not be right. It will be a mix of one off and multiple winners and through the decades.

Alberto Ascari 1952
Peter Collins 1956
Giancarlo Baghetti 1961
Jim Clark 1963 & 65
Mario Andretti 1977 & 78
Jean Pierre Jabouille 1979
Alain Prost 1981, 83, 89, 90 & 93
Damon Hill 1996
David Coulthard 2000
Felipe Massa 2008
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