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Sorry to hear about your bad luck at the hotel siffert_fan.

Well done on staying up through the night (I know the price you pay for it afterwards!) - at least GTE-Am gave you a battle to the flag. I'm very jealous!


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Good weekend for Williams, whose Hybrid Power division saw their technology help the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro piloted by Andre Lotterer, Benoit Treluyer and Marcel Fassler make history by becoming the first hybrid-powered vehicle to take outright victory at Le Mans.


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For me, the problem with all of the newer tech (i.e. diesal and hybrid, and, to a lesser extent, turbo) racers is the lessening of the aural impact. To me, racing has been almost half about the sound--I will never forget the wail of the Matra v-12, for instance-- and the new technologies mute the exhaust to too great a degree. Thank God the Corvettes still have the distinctive bellow of the V8. You can recognize them from the sound long before they come into view!

We stopped attending the unlimited Hydroplane races when they abandoned the Rolls Royce Merlins and Griffons and went to turbines. The whine of a turbine reminds me of a blender--not very exciting.


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The Corvettes just sound badass man thats straight up american muscle right there! I thought the hybrids were cool to listen to on tv with the almost silent engine and hearing the tires. Not all manly and stuff but something different.


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Thanks Greenlantern101 - sounds like he's a lucky boy! Don't think we'll see him back on the tele again until The British GP though. Sounds like he'll need a couple of weeks to get over the shock of it all.


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Id be happy with a tent, a sleeping bag and a crate of beer. Not sure if my other half would agree though she likes her comforts.


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Thanks Road of Bones. Hadn't seen that. Yes, he was in F3000 and won the championship in 2002. Looked like he had F1 potential to me.

He had two Le Mans 24 hour GT2 class victories driving Ferrari F430's for the American outfit Risi Competizione. He was partnered by Gianmaria Bruni and Mika Salo in 2008 and with Salo again and Pierre Kaffer in 2009.

From 2011 he's been driving a Ferrari 458 GT2 for the French team, Luxury Racing, and last season came second in the class at Le Mans with team-mates Frédéric Makowiecki and Dominik Farnbacher.

If the news is true then that's a sad way to end his career which will surely be the outcome if he's convicted. The FIA and World Motorsport Council will be sure to revoke his license to race for the duration of his sentence at least, possibly permanently..


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In other news:

Katherine Legge's Road Atlanta test with DeltaWing Racing Cars has earned her a drive alongside Andy Meyrick. It's an all-English driver lineup for the team. Other developments include the DeltaWing’s new Élan engine from Panoz, new McLaren-like livery and a Bridgestone tyre deal.

Images and spec's can be found here: http://www.deltawingracing.com/picture/livery3.jpg?pictureId=17613307 and http://www.deltawingracing.com/tech-specs/

The car looks somewhat more aggressive in the new colours. If it goes as good as it looks ...


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Yup, but not a good "colour" for the twilight and night racing. Full beams reflecting off of that chromium finish could be a problem as well, methinks.
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