Formula E Hong Kong E-Prix Discussion Thread

I actually thought Vernon Kaye did a good job on Ch 5. I'd even go as far as saying I enjoyed his "I haven't got a clue what's going on please explain it to me" style!

i thought i had already said it on this thread somewhere but mustve been twitter. because i know there was a negative reaction. but i knew Vernon would be good because hes very good at nfl. did well at the golf earlier

im not complaining to have exclusive content unlike itv 4 or last year channel but has there been some deal between ds/virgin racing or sam bird because race 1 had there own interview with winner & race 2 left winner interview to world feed. interviewed sam bird anyway. & cant be due to britishness because they havent chatted to lynn or turvey
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Any track (Hong Kong, Macau, Long Beach as examples) where a wrongly placed car can block an entire field of cars should be immediately pulled from the schedule. Are we so short on venues that we have to put up with this crap? The organizers should be embarrassed.
I'd love to see the return of the Super Prix but I think Formula E is hell bent on finding somewhere in London.

The spot that has opened up is in March actually so would be pretty good for Birmingham.

Twitter campaign?
... Also so glad they stuck to their guns on the street circuits....

This is my biggest objection to Formula E. The tracks are set up with the intention of having crashes and a minimum of run-offs so that a minor accident closes the circuit. Fortunately the cars are slow enough to ensure that crashes happen at low speed; if they ever get anywhere even F3 speeds they will have problems.
I disagree. I think the tracks are set up so a driver is punished for errors and has to stick within the boundaries of the actual race track. No track limit issues in Formula E.

As for safety issues - I think there the same as for any street circuit used in any Formula (nowhere can be worse than Macau!). I think there are always going to be people who love street circuits and those that hate them so it's always going to be an issue. I happen to like then as I think it's a test of skill and brings atmosphere. I can understand why others Don't though.
When you watch a series like Formula E where the drivers are able to run wheel to wheel and as I said above, at times the overtaking was more BTCC than F1, then street circuits are great.

F1 had some great races around streets in the past but the state of modern F1 cars means that's less likely to happen.

I see no problem with FE on street circuits.
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