Le Mans 2016 WEC

Brilliant race, came so close to being turned on its head with 5 minutes to go, I think Bernhard managed to stop it within about 20 inches of hitting the wall...
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Great racing throughout the field. Amazing how after 6 hours the cars can be so close, much respect to the rule makers for the engine regs they have put in place and to the teams for keeping up the development program on the cars.
Finally caught up, that was a heck of a race. The showers brought the Toyota and the GT Ferraris into play perfectly. Just need to get the BOP in GTE-Pro sorted out and it will be unimprovable. Austin this weekend.

It's a bumper weekend for motor sport - F1, WEC, BTCC. I shall be making an even bigger butt crease in the sofa and putting a big dent in the coffee reserves.
Some even better news, this is live on Eurosport HD rather than having to watch it in 405 on Motors TV (sorry Motors TV, love the channel but you really do need to improve picture quality).
The WEC race coverage starts at 11 p.m. UK time Saturday night and goes on until 6 a.m. Sunday morning, so just slip off to bed when the WEC race finishes and get up again for the GP in the afternoon. Sod the wife and kids, have a weekend for yourself ;)

I suppose I'm quite lucky in that respect. These issues never arise for me. I seem to be the only one on here whose missus is just as motorsport-mad as I am?...
It's live on Motors TV, not sure if Eurosport have this race though. It says starts at 2:30 in the morning on Sunday and finishes at 6:00 which seems like a very short 6 hours to me :dunno:
I'll have a bit more of a look later on but don't WEC events on Eurosport sometimes kick off on Eurosport 1 then after an hour or get switched over onto Eurosport 2?...
Nick Tandy and Earl Bamber are "at the head of the queue" to replace Webber Porsche have said.

Tough call but it would be nice to see Tandy get the drive considering how crucial his night stint was in securing the win at Le Mans in 2015, which is still fresh in the memory.
Audi (8) 1, Porsche (1) 2 and the Toyota's 3 and 4 in qualifying. The pole winning LMP1 car is nearly 8 seconds a lap faster than the G Drive cap on the LMP2 pole :o
Recorded it, then saw the result on my Facebook feed :( I'll shall watch it over the next few days bit by bit.
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