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That would be a dreadful shame for the WEC. If the cost-cutting measures are indeed the results of the VW emission-fiddling scandal would it not be more appropriate to cut down down on VW itself and their own rallying programme? Or is it a case of Audi' s WEC commitment being put tyhe brakes on to "save the mothership", as they say?
I think it's more due to VW owning both Porsche and Audi and therefore they see it as easier to chop one and retain some involvement through the other.

If I remember correctly, VW isn't challenged by any other VW owned brand in the WRC?
Don't SEAT and Skoda both have WRC programmes? Anyway, Audi have done their bit for quite a few years so perhaps it is time for Porsche to clear run at Toyota rather two parts of the same family knocking lumps out of one another. Let's hope Peugeot or BMW or someone decide to give it a go to make LMP1 really competitive. What ever happened to the Nissan LMP1 car project?
The entire project was shelved at the end of last year wasn't it? Can't quite remember th eofficial reason except at the time it sounded a bit like they were being a bit PR-ish about the probably fact that the mid-front engine concept just didn't work?...
Erm yes they do. :embarrassed:
Not at works level in the top tier I don't think, correct me if I'm wrong. VW have used Skoda as a development platform for their works WRC car in the past. Unsure about SEAT but they don't have a works team at WRC level though they may be involved in either WRC2 or WRC3.
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That is quite frankly, disgusting news, if not entirely unexpected. It's worrying for the future of the premier class. At least Toyota look like being around for a wee while but Porsche are no longer the brand of old for whom competition was an end in itself and whose name had for so long become synonimous with Le Mans. How long with the interest in their investment last now that their record at Le Mans is not about to be threatened over the next generation or so?
Two major manufacturers in LMP1 just isn't enough...
In a relatively short time frame other manufacturers will fill the gap. Manufacturers have always dropped out, usually after a period of dominance and others have always stepped up, nothing has really changed, this is especially the case with Sports Cars.
Yes, Just because it' s happened before doesn't make it any more encouraging, quite the opposite. No-one wants to seee a return to the sport's direst periods, which have mostly consisted of periods wher the dearth of competitive manufacturers saw major declines in both audiences and attendances and lack of interst among the the motorsport press. Such as the early/mid eighties period when it was basically a question of which Porsche 956 would beat the other porsche 956' s ...Yes, it' s happened plenty of times before and no, it certainly wasn't good for the sport.
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Well well well, according to the latest on Autosport it now appears that VW could also pull th plug on their WRC programme. And yes, it does appear to be related to the diesel emission scandal.

I would have posted this on a rallying thread but I'm not sure anybody would have read it, rallying doesn't seem to get much of a look in on here... And anyway it's kind of relevant to this thread. I hope Porsche won't be next...
We have a rallying thread? :o

I think the theory behind Audi's withdraw is that Porsche are on top and therefore withdrawing Audi means VW group save money and aren't battling themselves therefore it may enable Porsche to cut back a little while remaining in the sport.
Penultimate round of the season this weekend in Shanghai, 3am start british time.

I can only echo FB's question last time around: anybody on here likely to get up or stay up till then?...
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Don't forget the last round of the season starts today in Bahrain at 1PM british time, with the end of a chapter in endurance racing. Audi on pole for its swansong in the category, and Mark Webber's final appearance in competitive motorsport.
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I still have both of the last two races sitting on my DVR to watch. Should give me something to do over Christmas.
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