Formula E Hong Kong E-Prix Discussion Thread

very true great race, who knew cars not being restricted by dirty air could still produce good close racing with tyres that dont degrade.

although brilliant drive from sam bird, to retain the lead despite a drive through penalty for getting out of the cars too quickly. nearly running over his mechanic & still win by 10 seconds. although what a turn up for the books for the 2 main title contenders in 3 years of formula e. both failed to score
Some of the passing is more BTCC than F1 but its all the better for it.

Though I feel unclean saying this, Piquet had a really good drive for Jag and already equalled their best result from last year. A huge improvement from where they were in 2016.
Bird seems to always have a moment somewhere; his pace is top-class but the focus is not good enough. He couldn’t get away with that one in many series.

JEV is either an energy wastrel or showing the strain of Techeetah’s customer machinery.
Just caught up (demand 5 is now working!). Brilliant race - really enjoy that and glad it lived up to the hype I was giving it in my head. No one could live with Birdy today.

Audi' s superior race pace never materialised did it? Could be anyone's game this year. Too bad we have to wait ages for the next race......oh wait no it's tomorrow morning! Got to love a double header!
I won't post any spoilers for those of you too lazy to get and watch the race live but a bizzare start and opening lap, not much action at the front but great battles through the field and a serioulsy strange final few laps. Enjoy.
Saw both races live and yesterday's race was more exciting . Sam Bird was impressive and the overtake was absolutely brilliant..just wished someone gave him a shot at F1

They keep going about JEV being a tough nut to pass I wish F1 take note as well the Moose who seems to be touted at the best driver in Formula E.

Franchitti's comment about Heidfeld lacking aggression seems to be something that has explained why he has never quite got the top drives his credentials supposedly rewards
I didn't think today's race was as good as yesterday's but enjoyed it all the same. Really pleased with the progress made by :censored:. I laughed when :censored: came clean in his post race interview and explained why he :censored:. If it hadn't been for :censored: having a problem when :censored: then I'm sure :censored: would have finished :censored:. Overall though, FE is back and in fine form.

Having see Formula E in full that made up for the wasted two hours of my life that was the Abu Dhabi GP last week. I can see why it will get more people following as an alternative to F1

Supposedly Mercedes team next year could be managed by N Rosberg with possibly Wehrlein as one of its drivers. Renault as supposed to be cutting back and replaced by alliance partner Nissan so that should be interesting given Alain Prost seems to be very much involved
very amateurish start havent a clue why they had to start under safety car. just throw a green flag not hard & rosenqyist i dont under understand why he want to go straight on surely you go around the outside to rejoin instead of admitting defeat & go to back. not that matters because despite dropping to 11th he gets handed the victory after abts exclusion

but yes the were more entertaining but formula e has got to keep the wide street circuits. because we dont want repition of Paris where it was so narrow. ypu couldnt get side by side
Losing race wins to technical infringements has become a bit of a pattern for that team.

Yes but this one is a bit different. A bar code on a part not matching that which was register for the car is not a power infringement - that's cheating!

Anyways enjoyed the second race even if it wasn't as good as yesterday. Gutted for Mortara who was a sensation this weekend and Rosenqvist gets a win despite having a terrible weekend.

Pleas for Jag, stunned Buemi and Di Grassi were not in contention at all and I have no idea how this season is going to play out. I'm so chuffed that Formula E has its own talent now and is not just an Ex Formula One driver club. Also so glad they stuck to their guns on the street circuits.

Biggest shock of the weekend? I actually thought Vernon Kaye did a good job on Ch 5. I'd even go as far as saying I enjoyed his "I haven't got a clue what's going on please explain it to me" style!
Best FE weekend for Jag. Well chuffed.

If Mitch hadn't lost time in the pits it could have been 2nd.

And now the loooooong wait for race 2.:bored:
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